Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Laurel's lunch has once again become a little more difficult to pack. Yesterday, her teacher informed Laurel that she cannot bring chocolate coated granola bars in her lunch because they are too much like a candy bar. Today, Ms Laura told Laurel's mommy that she shouldn't bring crackers any more, either. Maren and Ms. Laura had this conversation at 12:45 this afternoon while Maren was picking up Laurel early from school. Ms. Laura had called a few minutes earlier to explain that Laurel and another child had been playing a counting game in the lunch room with their crackers. All seemed fine until Ms. Laura turned around to look at Laurel and the crackers were suddenly gone. Laurel had stuffed all of them in her mouth and was now giving the universal sign for choking. Ms. Laura attempted the Heimlich twice with no success, but then was able to open Laurel's mouth, hold down her tongue, and scoop out the mess. The teacher said it scared her to death. Fortunately for the Cupits, Ms. Laura had taken a required CPR class not too long ago and was able to put that training to use. She said she would have preferred not to stick her finger in her mouth, but after the Heimlich didn't work, she had no choice. She is now officially the best teacher ever! Laurel also explained that she had eaten some fruit snacks before the crackers and that they were a little stuck, too. Maren will now be packing 2 drinks in Laurel's lunch to make sure she has PLENTY to drink. She will not be bringing crackers any more either. Curiously, despite prodding, Laurel has no desire to talk about what happened. She won't tell the story or describe how she felt. Maybe another day she'll be more talkative about it. Ms. Laura said she was very impressed that Laurel knew how to tell her she was choking. Laurel's never been taught to do this, so it may be instinctual, or she may have had some angels watching over her. Regardless, be assured that plenty of prayers of thanksgiving have been offered by the Cupits today!


Lexi said...

Holy smokes Maren! I am so glad Laurel is okay! How terrifying- for Laurel, for her teacher and for you and Brad!

I was always glad to get the CPR/First Aid training when I was an assistant teacher because you just NEVER KNOW.

I'm sure her teacher was grateful that she had the training at that moment too. Poor girl. I'm sure Laurel won't be attempting to over stuff in the future.

What a hard way to learn though :-(

museumeg said...

Okay, that is completely terrifying! Wow! I'm so glad she is okay. I'm so grateful for the angels that watch over our children.

Lauren said...

So glad she's okay!

Jessica said...

Wow, that is scary. What a great teacher. I think she's earned a BIG teacher appreciation present.

Happy said...

Oh my gosh!!! How scary!!! That is my biggest fear with children. I just said my own prayer of thanks for Heavenly Father watching out for her!