Saturday, April 25, 2009


In an apparent last minute decision, almost every family with a young girl in the City of Baton Rouge decided to take a family outing to the Old State Capitol Friday night. The ball was part of the annual Red Stick Animation Festival. Last year, for the ball's debut, roughly 300 princesses attended the event. According to preliminary estimations, this year's ball had over 2000 in attendance.

The Cupit family was shocked, and definitely a little disappointed. Best kept secrets don't always stay secret. By the time the Cupits reached the ball, the line of princesses and their royal families wrapped around the Capitol, and by the time the family was admitted on the grounds, they were politely refused entrance to the building and instead diverted to the "Queen's Garden Party" on the front lawn. Fire code only permits a few hundred people in the building.

Maren thinks the deal wasn't too bad; the night featured lovely weather in the high 60s and a slight breeze. The outside event was probably more comfortable than the stuffy ball in the old building with no air conditioning. The tent on the lawn had fantasitc entertainment. A crew of professional princesses taught all of the little ones how to dance like their favorite Disney princess. Laurel (whether she admits it or not) had a great time doing this! Unfortunately, her royal highness Laurel was more than miffed that she was forbidden from the castle.

On a positive note, Brad spotted the last free parking spot in all of downtown Baton Rouge, and the event didn't ask the garden partiers for the typical $5 donation, so the night was free (except for dinner at Frosttop!) By the time the royal family headed back to the car, the young royals were pooped. This equals success!

For your enjoyment, here's a few more pictures from the night.


Cathi said...

Looks like fun!

Meredith said...

last year's event sounded like so much fun that I can see why it didn't stay a secret long. I'm glad you had fun despite the crowd!

Lexi said...

I always thought it was so cute that Laurel and Brad go to this ball.

A family I knew in New Orleans had 2 girls that always felt left out from the father/son camp out and they wouldn't let Dad bring his 2 daughters to it so they started having their very own camp out in the back yard.

They'd set up a tent, watch movies on a mini dvd player, pop popcorn and make smores and Mom wasn't invited {though she always snuck in a few pictures}.

I thought it was neat that they'd found a way to spend time together since Daddy's are so important in the lives of little girls.

Looks like it was another fun night even if it was out in the garden!

Vanessa, Zac and Noah said...

what a fun time! Send me your email and I will send out my info sheet that I use to train with on the couponing!