Monday, March 30, 2009


The editor of the chronicle accepted the following 5 tag:

5 Things I Was Doing 5 Years Ago:
1. Working tax season...sounds familiar
2. Adjusting to life in Baton Rouge
3. Preparing for the upcoming birth of Laurel
4. Enjoying life as a newlywed with no children
5. Teaching a Celestial Marriage Sunday School class with my husband.

5 Things I'll Do Tonight:
1. Cook dinner
2. Laundry
3. FHE
4. Read
5. Take phenergan and conk out early

5 Things I'd Do With A Million Dollars:
1. Buy Laurel her own personal fm system for her hearing aids.
2. Go see Wicked on Broadway and eat at Tavern on the Green and spend the weekend at the Plaza.
3. Fly to Orlando to get my hair done (and visit friends).
4. Buy a Mac Book and iPhone for Brad (or whichever phone he thinks is the coolest.)
5. Take the family to DisneyWorld for 10 days, stay on property, and eat with the characters once a day.

5 Places I Have Lived:
1. Maitland, FL
2. Allen, TX
3. Provo, UT
4. Boston, MA
5. Bethesda, MD

5 Jobs I Have Had:
1. Dry Cleaner Clerk
2. Researcher at the National Archives
3. Tax Accountant for the long lost Arthur Andersen
4. Student Worker at the UF Law Library
5. Mom

5 Things I Want To Be Doing In 5 Years:
1. Training for a mini-triathalon
2. Cooking gourmet meals 3 nights a week
3. Working as a CPA
4. Volunteering for a political organization
5. Going to my kids' extracurricular activities

5 People I Tag:
I won't tag anyone because I always feel guilty if I get tagged and don't do it!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Shortly after 7:30 a.m., the doorbell rang at the Cupit house. Laurel was excited that the princess umbrella ordered online for her yesterday was already here! Unfortunately for her, it was just the neighbor, Mr. Kevin, asking the family if they'd seen the backyard yet.

Brad, Maren, and Laurel rushed to the back to see what he was referring to. A big oak tree had come uprooted and crashed in the night. The blessing was that the only thing the tree damaged in our yard was about 3 pieces of fence. Several neighbors had more severe fence damage (from the same tree), and one neighbor's swing set was crushed.

Brad will stop at Home Depot to pick up a new chain for the chain saw this afternoon, and tomorrow the men will get to work. Eventually, the hole in the ground will have to be filled with dirt, but not until the ground dries out a little. The storms the past few days have brought so much rain that ground is fully saturated, making it easier for the trees to fall in the wind.

Had the tree fallen in any other direction, the damage would have been severe. The carport (with both cars under it) would have been crunched, or perhaps the shed could have been destroyed. The family feels blessed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The hypothesis in question: Humiliation builds character.

The experiment: Three year old boy wears hot pink princess helmet at school "Trike-A-Thon" amidst a classful of friends not wearing helmets.

The situation: Mother was sent a letter by school commanding that all children in participation must wear a helmet to participate in activity. Family has one helmet purchased a few years ago for sister. Mother refuses to spend $20 on new helmet for one half-hour school activity.


Observation: The experiment even continued after the event was over and the kids were having a snack!

Result: Mother is sent link of photos documenting the event (or experiment). Mother experiences horror and humiliation. Child will never suffer again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The absence has been long and the faithful have endured it well! Reasons for the hiatus include but are not limited to:

  1. Falling out of the habit.
  2. Lapse in creativity.
  3. Tax season.
  4. Exhaustion.
  5. The new printer/scanner has not been set up.
  6. The newest addition to the Cupit family, although not officially part of the family yet, is enhancing #4 with daily nausea.
Assuredly, this textual attempt is meant to get this beloved circulation back into the swing of things. Keep watching for more colorful posts in the nearer future.