Friday, February 13, 2009


Pirate Captain Brant steered his ship to Cupit Island for his birthday bash. His crew earned their own pirate loot at a series of different games including "Walking the Plank", "Treasure Toss", "Pin the Patch on the Pirate", and "Diggin' for Gold". Some of the crew stopped at a saloon for a tattoo to remember the occasion. Beautiful weather was the icing on the cake....hehehe. Here's just a few shots of the captain enjoying his special day.
On his way off the ship to meet the crew on the island.
The cake that Maren promised would be made off site to avoid late night stress.
Some of the crew waiting for the traditional Happy Birthday song.
Obviously, Pirates don't use napkins. Look carefully to recognize that they prefer sleeves or nothing at all.
Intently reading a card with Space Pirates (Star Wars.)
Brant's remarks upon opening this present: "Batteries!" The present had things for the batteries, too, but apparently not as comment worthy.
Even Pirates get love from big sisters. Laurel is gently holding Brant while he enjoys his shower of gifts.
Saved the best for last. A true pirate at the end of the festivities. He's loosened his belts and let the belly hang out.


Jessica said...

Maren, what a cute party idea. Jackson saw the pictures, too, and he said, "I want be Pirate Halloween, too!" I love that he was even dressed as a pirate. He's three!?! That is crazy!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

It was a great party! That Brant is going to be a heart breaker with those sweet dimples!

AmyB said...

Very cute party. You put my parties to shame! I am blog stalking. Sorry :)

Amy Bascom