Sunday, January 11, 2009


Two girls met long ago at Dommerich Elementary School. Though at first just acquaintances, placement in the same fifth grade classroom created a spark. The friendship blossomed and grew. It grew and grew and grew. It grew over bike rides, car rides, even plan rides. It grew from hugs, laughter, tears. The girls went on many adventures together. They went to baseball games, football games, music recitals, tennis lessons, sewing lessons, beach trips, and birthday parties. Now they see each other less often, but the friendship remains. In fact, the love has spread to a new generation. A little girl loves her Aunt Cissy like a family member. She would be so lucky to find her own best friend one day. One as special as her mommy's.

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Elizabeth said...

Too sweet!!! I love you!!! You're the best!