Sunday, January 25, 2009


"Whoa, here she comes. Watch out boys she'll chew you up!" She seems so precious and pink. Such a sweet little princess not capable of uttering words meant to find their target like a heat-seaking missile. But, oh, beware.

Tonight, after playing a tug-of-war game with her father and landing on her bottom after Daddy let go, she let out some fighting words. "When I get married, Mommy can come to my house, BUT....NOT....YOU!!!!!!!!!"

Hard to believe that innocent little girl pictured at left could have so much fire inside. What words will she choose in the teenage years?


pjtemple said...

Ohhh how I wish you had a video of that one! Priceless! That's a story to share at her bridal shower :)

Brad said...

"Hard to believe that innocent little girl...could have so much fire inside"

hrmm....I wonder where she gets it from. It couldn't possibly be from the girl I nicknamed "the feist" when we were dating. No way. Not a chance. Couldn't possibly be.

Jessica said...

He, he, he...I love that she has the foresight to think of such great things for her future. :-)

Lexi said...

I'm laughing at Brad's comment! It sounds like you might have a firecracker on your hands in a few years! At least she's cute while she's doing it, right?! :-)

Elizabeth said...

She'll always be a little angel in my eyes! =)