Friday, January 2, 2009


The season of giving left lots of good memories at the Cupit house. Presented here in no particular order are a few to share:

1. A new tradition of Papa John's pizza on Christmas Eve.
2. Santa brought stocking stuffers for the first time in Maren's life. An old Clifton family tradition stuffs stockings with freebies collected throughout the year from random places. The family always opens the jokes on Christmas Eve.
3. Laurel and Brant's first words upon seeing their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning were complaints about something Santa did wrong! And Maren thought she had it nailed! Oh well, lesson to be learned :)
4. The Woody doll sold on e-bay before Christmas for up to $150 is now available (post-Christmas) at the Disney Store for $19.50!
5. Brad took Maren to see "A Gift for Lyman Burke." It was their first experience at a one-man show, and it was great! He also took her to Celebration Under the Oaks in City Park...wonderful!
6. Laurel and Brant both learned how to sing "Christmas Bells Are Ringing." So cute, especially the Bef-ef-la-hem part.
7. Brad and Maren broke their vow to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. Perhaps it's impossible with anxious small children and the to-do list doesn't get started until 9:30 pm.
8. Per Brad's request, Christmas breakfast was cinnamon rolls.
9. Laurel left reindeer food outside for the reindeer. No one else in the family even knew she had any. She reminded her parents before she went to sleep that she had it in her backpack from school.
10. Sometimes toys with moving, battery-operated parts are not as good as stationary, use-your-imagination toys.
11. Maren had a great experience with her friend Allison on the eve of Christmas Eve secret Santa shopping for a needy child. It was hard work and exhausting finding the right items, but completely rewarding knowing that she would have something to wake up to.
12. Laurel was so excited about her new Sleeping Beauty costume that she wore it almost all day, even to family dinner down in New Orleans. What a princess!

13. Brant played equally with all of his new toys, even bringing as many as possible into his bed with him at night.
14. The Tom-Tom was the perfect gift for Maren.
15. Papa K and Gigi's homemade puppet theater was outstanding and completely over the top.

16. Between Brad, Maren, and Papa K, at least two family members were able to be at each child's school Christmas party on the same day. How do parents with more than two children do it?

17. Daddys still like boy toys and may accidentally break one in the excitement. Don't worry, he replaced it the next day. With a little repair for Darth Vader's sword, there can now be daily light saber battles between good and evil.

Surely, there are plenty more things that would come to mind at a more thought-conducive hour, but for now enjoy a couple more photos from Christmas day.

The bottom two pictures were taken at the night's end at Mamie's house. Laurel had fun scooting around in the wheel-chair. It's always a hoot when the Cupit boys get together and start reminiscing about stories of mattresses on the front lawn and bicycle trips across major highways to pickup a pizza.


Margo said...

I'm so curious about what exactly you did wrong. Looked like fun to me!

Meredith said...

sounds like a pretty fabulous Christmas! The homemade puppet theater is pretty incredible...

Jessica said...

Reading your list made me tired from my Christmas all over again :-)
Glad you guys had a good time...oh, and my boys didn't exclaim over the presents either...they just pointed out how much milk and cookies Santa ate.

Tamar and Trevor said...

What a great way to record your Christmas memories. Looks like you had a great time.