Sunday, December 7, 2008


Santa came through the Cupits' neighborhood today. He came under the guise of collecting canned goods and unwrapped toys for the needy. But the Chronicle's investigative reporting uncovered the truth. Santa was taking notes and drafting his route for the big night. Laurel and Brant stood in the front lawn watching Santa go bye. Santa now knows exactly where they live, and knows what they look like (in case he wants to bring them some clothes). Most importantly, from his high perch on the firetruck, he had a clear view of the chimney hole and the pitch of the roof. He should have no problem making his logistical preparations.


Jessica said...

are you so excited about the BCS national championship? even bart was rooting for the gators the other day :-)

Jeni said...

So, I guess Santa ditched the reindeer and sleigh and opted for a firetruck. I bet it had something to do with PETA. Probably comes in handy when someone's tree goes up in flames, too.

And I ditto Jessica. Who would've ever thought I'd be cheering for the Gators? Congrats!

Seth & Courtney said...

Good thing you tried out the commute Wednesday and not Thursday! I'm so glad that it worked out and that we got another chance to visit and let the kids play.

We built a fire in our fireplace last night and Merrick said, Dad, whatever you do, do not build a fire on Christmas Eve, we don't want to burn Santa! Glad to see that Santa is giving Rudolf and the gang a chance to rest while he takes the fire engine on his pre-op missions!