Saturday, December 6, 2008


The Cupits spent Thanksgiving at Granny's house. They enjoyed a delicious meal including some local favorites: fried turkey, rice and gravy (instead of potatoes), and mirliton stuffing. The mirlitons (pronounced in New Orleans as "melatons") are Maren's favorite. She can't quite figure out how to describe the vegatable, but in the casserole with shrimp and celery and a bunch of other stuff, it's delicous. Another staple of a southern Thanksgiving is homemade macaroni and cheese, another thing Maren didn't even know existed until making the transition to the real south. Brant and Laurel were thankful for this dish. The whole family gets along very well.

After dinner, the kids went out to help Granny take all of the ripe tangerines from the tree in her backyard. Although, here in Louisiana, Maren's mostly heard them called Satsumas. They collected bags and bags of them. Brant didn't particularly like to eat them, but enjoyed imitating Jack Horner and sticking his thumb in them.

Featured here are Gigi's sister Joan with her grandson Noah. He's a few months younger than Brant and a very happy boy. Joan is also called Mimi.

Another one of Brad's cousins has a little girl Katelyn. Laurel and Katelyn are almost exactly a year apart and have a great time playing together.

Lastly, Uncle Craig brought his dog, the sweetest, gentlest "Cassie-girl". Laurel and Brant love Cassie and hopefully get their desires of doggie ownership satisfied each time they get to see her.


Jessica said...

oh how i miss thanksgiving in LA. it was rather blah here without all the great food of real southerns.

museumeg said...

We deep-fried our turkey too! So yummy!