Thursday, November 13, 2008


We here at the Chronicle acknowledge that Halloween is long since passed, but believe this entry is still valid. Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, so Maren considers herself not too late. Here's some Halloween pictures you've all been salivating for. Keep in mind, amidst the grandparents' trip from Utah, and all the goings on, the Chronicle's main piece of technological equipment was involuntarily surrendered at the state fair. The replacement, courtesy of loving (and photo dependent) grandparents, should arrive at headquarters today.

The three photos above are a rememberence of the fantastic visit with the grandparents. Laurel is modeling the fuzzy sweater that Mimi gave to her. The fashion forward experts marvel at Laurel's idea to pair it with blue flowered biker shorts and pink jellies!


Meredith said...

cute picts! I love how Brad and Laurel love to do father/daughter things together (he was dressed as a prince, right?). Next post.. can we hear about what you did to get your stuff seized at the state fair??

Jessica said...

what happened at the state fair?
and what cute costumes.

museumeg said...

That Laurel is quite the fashionista! That must have been nice having family visit.

Maren said...

The camera was either lost or stolen at the fair...sorry it wasn't more dramatic! I just got my new blue one today...the battery is charging as we speak.