Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, Laurel would like to present a photo essay, "A Pumpkin Afternoon."

Here's to a nice afternoon in a pumpkin patch under the oaks. October is a great month for pictures.

This one's a little heavy, but Brant is a strong boy!

Brant didn't really hurt himself on this pumpkin; but this one seemed good for a laugh.

Some other bloggers may have better luck taking photos of their kids together, but Maren won't stop trying.

Laurel asked to take off her glasses for awhile. It seems like a different child sitting there.

Laurel is learning how to master the over-the-shoulder shot.

It took a great deal of coaxing to pry his hands off the wheelbarrow. He really does think he's strong enough to move it.

Pumpkin heads.

Preparing for William Tell?

Leapin' Lizzards!

Queen of the Patch


Meredith said...

so cute!

Jessica said...

pictures involving more then one child are almost impossible i've decided. luckily i have a fast camera so on a very rare occasion, i get a good shot...it's VERY rare though.
they are so cute. brant's haircut makes him look so grown up.
oh, and the fact that they have on shorts and it is possibly going to SNOW thursday here in omaha boggles my mind.

Lauren said...

Look at Brant's hair! He looks like a little man. Kind of makes me feel old. I sure wish we could have made it to that playdate. The pumpkin patch looks fantastic!