Sunday, October 26, 2008


Thanks to a generous coworker with excellent taste in Halloween costumes, the Cupits acquired the hand-me-down of all hand-me downs....

This costume is hand-made and in great condition. Perhaps the only thing that would make it even better would be a toddler-sized Tebow jersey.

If the Cupits find a tiger costume for Laurel, the family will be ready for a "House-divided" costume theme for next year's Halloween.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, Laurel would like to present a photo essay, "A Pumpkin Afternoon."

Here's to a nice afternoon in a pumpkin patch under the oaks. October is a great month for pictures.

This one's a little heavy, but Brant is a strong boy!

Brant didn't really hurt himself on this pumpkin; but this one seemed good for a laugh.

Some other bloggers may have better luck taking photos of their kids together, but Maren won't stop trying.

Laurel asked to take off her glasses for awhile. It seems like a different child sitting there.

Laurel is learning how to master the over-the-shoulder shot.

It took a great deal of coaxing to pry his hands off the wheelbarrow. He really does think he's strong enough to move it.

Pumpkin heads.

Preparing for William Tell?

Leapin' Lizzards!

Queen of the Patch

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Are all you Chronicle readers ready to be bombarded with posts? The publication is back in the swing of things. Here's a tease of things to come...Halloween preview shots from a mother who just can't wait until the end of the month.

In other news, the Cupit bunch ventured to the zoo on Saturday, joining the rest of the city it seemed. The line to get in to the small-town zoo was impressive for sure. Thank goodness for beautiful weather, otherwise crowd crankiness would have spoiled the fun. Once past the gates, the masses dispersed, and the Cupits easily made their rounds to the elephants, giraffes, wart hogs, and rhinocerouses. Candy stations were set up all over the zoo for the kids. After 2 hours, the family piled happily into the van and headed home for a rest.


Lest you call her a traitor, this was Maren's 2005 Halloween costume. I wonder why I'm posting it now. Hrrrmmm, I wonder...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Despite multiple discipline tactics including encouragement, bribery and threats, the Chronicle's photojournalist remains "uninspired." Hence, our readers may be contemplating an organized boycott by means of wiping out our circulation. In an emergency prevention effort, and until the testy artistic director feels moved into productivity, our events staff will fill-in with a less colorful description of life's happenings in Cupitville.

Maren would like everyone to know that indeed she did watch the Gators play football last Saturday. She would like to gloat, but in the interest of being a good wife and maintaining friendships here in her relatively new home, she will keep her glee on hold for private occasions. She did start hearing voices in her head that Sunday. They were chanting all day, "It's great to be a FLORIDA GATOR!" The hunt is on for orange and blue church appropriate clothing to be worn the morning after the games.

Brad is working hard at work, church and home...All of us love the time we get to spend with him. He recently spent some weekends cleaning up after GUSTAV and IKE. Brant and Maren joined him a few weeks ago for Fall Fest at LSU. The weather was beautiful.

Laurel is doing well in her pre-k class. She sees the dance teacher "Miss Becky" twice a week and comes home with new dance moves all the time. She is currently working on balancing. She tells us daily who she is and is not friends with. Her favorite response to the "Do you like..." question is, "a lit-tle bit." She's still taking violin lessons. For the most part, they are going ok. However, it is noticably hard for a 4 year old to pay attention after a long day at school. Two weeks ago was the most nerve-wracking lesson for Maren. While we were waiting in the lobby for Brad to come take care of Brant, Laurel pulled the box off of the fire alarm, setting the siren off in the building. As far as Maren can tell, the siren didn't send an SOS to the fire department. Laurel's practicing with the rest of the kids at church for the children's program next Sunday.

Brant is having a grand time at school and doesn't cry anymore when dropped off in the morning. He's learned the letters F and B, and sings his ABCs proudly whenever given the opportunity. He's thrilled to be Mr. Incredible for Halloween. He doesn't like sitting still or being quiet (making church a challenge), but he does love to snuggle and still goes to bed like a dream. He asks to "play soccer one day" every time we pass a field.

More updates coming soon...and pictures too!