Monday, September 8, 2008


After clarifying an in-house miscommunication about which department would post the local Gustav injuries, the Chronicle presents a few of our best photos.
The worst of the damage to the Cupit house. The siding could be heard snapping off during the storm. Notice that the pink insulation beneath the siding tore off as well. Unfortunately, the Chronicle does not have a photo of the family outside in the middle of the hurricane grabbing pieces of siding and insulation. Maren only joined the others after prodding because she was terrified. The family rescued the fallen siding so that the pieces wouldn't be projectiles flying into windows, etc. She seems to recall the phrase, "It's not that bad."

This house is a few houses down from the Cupits'. Click on the photo to read the yard sign.

More damage on the Cupits' street.

Damage in a neighbor's backyard.

This was a recurring scene throughout the neighborhood. Roofers and fencers will be in business for quite a while after this storm.

Giving new meaning to reduce, reuse, recycle. The pink makeshift door is the siding insulation that used to be on the house. The door was used to divide the air conditioned side of the house from the hot side. The window unit worked fantastic, at least from the prospective of the lucky lady who got to sleep right next to it.

This was the worst tree discovered by our photography team. This is located in the heavily wooded neighborhood close to LSU. The power lines were very dangerous here.

It may be some time before Maren and Brad can use their gift certificate to their favorite restaurant up the street from their house.

In a rush to take Brant to an emergency visit to the only open dentist in the area, Brad discovered that his car wouldn't start. Papa K and Brad pushed the car out of the driveway to allow the family to get to the appointment. Later in the week, Brad, Papa K and Uncle Craig had it up and running again. Whew!

And finally, this photo is near Jackson Square in New Orleans. The fully armed National Guard was there to protect the peace. Quite an odd site for the typical tourist haven.


museumeg said...

Amazing pictures! I can't believe you went out in that to get the pieces of siding. Good luck with the repairs!

Heather said...

CRAZY!! Some of those photos look identical to the ones that we have from Charlie! Isn't it amazing to see the force that nature can have?? Scary! We are so glad that you guys are okay and had minimal damage to your house!