Friday, August 29, 2008


Destination of its landfall is still uncertain, but at this point, Gustav could bring Louisiana some damage. The Cupits are more prepared today then yesterday, and by tomorrow, they hope to be totally ready. Is that possible? The anticipation is nerve-wracking. The storm is supposedly up to 11 mph now, so it seems like forever until a more definite route will be forecast. According to the local buzz, the grocery store shelves are empty. The interstate is bumper to bumper. The news stations are having a field day. A few gas stations have been pumped dry. The Chronicle hopes to let you know what happens to the Cupit family!
By the way, for our readers who don't know, the Cupits live right under the number 2 on the map! Yikes!


Meredith said...

I'll be thinking of you and watching the news to see how things are going. Stay safe. Thanks for posting this too -- I was wondering about it for you guys.

jessica said...

oh i hope all is well. i know i was a "last minute shopper" when hurricanes came around, yet i always got mad at everyone else, thinking, "don't they know this is going to happen every year? why aren't THEY prepared?" i was/am such a hypocrite.
hope you weren't wanting poptarts or fans...i've heard their sold out.

museumeg said...

Yikes, come stay with us in New York. Keep us updated. We'll keep you in our prayers!