Friday, August 29, 2008


Destination of its landfall is still uncertain, but at this point, Gustav could bring Louisiana some damage. The Cupits are more prepared today then yesterday, and by tomorrow, they hope to be totally ready. Is that possible? The anticipation is nerve-wracking. The storm is supposedly up to 11 mph now, so it seems like forever until a more definite route will be forecast. According to the local buzz, the grocery store shelves are empty. The interstate is bumper to bumper. The news stations are having a field day. A few gas stations have been pumped dry. The Chronicle hopes to let you know what happens to the Cupit family!
By the way, for our readers who don't know, the Cupits live right under the number 2 on the map! Yikes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Please notice that the video editor's skills are getting better.

Friday, August 22, 2008


"Black bear, black bear, what do you see? I see a princess and prince smiling at me."

In her first school assignment of the year, Laurel brought home Black Bear for the night. She took care of him, made sure he was safe and buckled in the car ride home, searched for pajamas that might fit him, and danced with him to the Wiggles. Black Bear even helped Laurel feel better when she tripped on the sidewalk on the way to the car. Then her mother wrote about her adventure in Black Bear's journal. Laurel's mom drew a picture of a bear and Laurel colored him black. As pictured, Brant benefited from the assignment as well. Black Bear is nice to little brothers, too!


About 2 weeks ago, Brad and Maren celebrated the number 5! In honor of the milestone, Maren would like to present five accomplishments achieved, hugely significant to in her own eyes.

1. Moved to a purple and gold state.
2. Survived a period of unemployment.
3. Added a pink peg to our car.
4. Added a blue peg 20 months later.
5. Entered the bitter sweet world of home ownership.

To date, Maren and Brad have learned patience and gained the capacity to love unselfishly. Speaking for herself, Maren hopes that she has learned how to be a little bit sillier in dealing with her two blue pegs. Speaking for Brad, she thinks that he has learned how to get through mood swings from the two pink pegs forever planted in his LIFE. Here's to eternity!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As the new school year begins, Daddy and Daughter begin an era of morning memory making. The local school system pledges to return the children to neighborhood schools. Maybe at some point, that will be a practical option for the Cupits, but for now Laurel attends a pre-k class at a magnet school across town. Fortunately, Brad works very close to Laurel's new school, so he drops her off in the morning. Laurel loves this time with her dad. She gets to ride in a new flowered booster seat and listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.
Laurel's new class is wonderful! Her teacher has tons of experience (8 children of her own and 11+ years of teaching pre-K) and plenty of energy...a perfect combination! Her classroom is filled with toys, books, dressup clothes, and learning centers. The playground is loaded with imaginative play areas, bikes, little motorized cars, and some wonderful playground equipment all sectioned off just for the Pre-Kers. In about a month, Laurel will have a dance teacher come to her classroom 2 mornings a week thanks to a grant from the arts council. Maren was worried about making the right decision for Laurel's school choice. Now she can say with a clear conscience that she made the right choice. Most importantly, Laurel is happier than she has been in quite a while!

In other news, Maren feels like she is now officially a grown-up...she attended her first PTO meeting last night. It was a rather uneventful experience; there are more than enough opportunities to serve.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our staff here at the Chronicle is learning new skills. This is the first attempt at video from the video camera. The editing will get better in the future!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Having accepted a challenge from an affiliate, I present six words that describe your editor-in-chief:

Any affiliates so inclined may accept our challenge to participate in this self-portrait.