Thursday, July 31, 2008


As mothers know, requisite multi-tasking often leads to unfinished business. In this case, Maren should have put the apple juice back in the fridge. Instead, she ran to another room to find out what Laurel needed. Upon her return, Brant seemed so pleased with himself. In her distraction, it took Maren about a minute to figure out what Brant was talking about. Lucky for her, Brant doesn't stop repeating something until he's sure you know what he said. "I put spoon in apple juice." The clever little fellow took a spoon out of the drawer, stood on his stool, opened the apple juice container and deposited a spoon in the small mouth of the jug. Was he trying to stir it? If so, he certainly didn't seem disappointed that the spoon dropped in. Maren is consulting authorities on how to remove the spoon without sawing the bottle in half. Life with a two-year old is full of surprises.