Friday, July 25, 2008


It seems every family has a "poop story" in their past. The Cupits now have a good one of their own to remember for a long time.

Laurel coughed for 2 nights in a row. It was a barking cough, preceded by a wheezing sound on the intake. The second night, the coughing was bad enough to make her sick-sick, with the v-word. The morning after the second night, she was vocally miserable and a doctor's visit was scheduled. Brant, while in good spirits, had a small appetite. For Brant, that's a sure sign that something is off-balance.

The family headed to the doctor to hear the verdict on Laurel. Once in the main waiting room, Brant soiled his diaper. Laurel, in the meantime, is curled up in Maren's arms repeating intermittently, "I don't feel well!" She was speaking a little more loudly than her mother would have liked, but at least she was using proper English. So Maren transferred Laurel into the chair by herself and took Brant to the waiting room restroom. The diaper was changed, but it was the last spare in the diaper bag. Next, Laurel was called to the back by the nurse. The nurse had her step on the scale...Laurel protested as she didn't want anything to do with anything except her mom, but she acquiesced at last. Brant then wanted a turn, and the nurse was sweet enough to let him on, too. Maybe she was as curious as so many others about the boy's weight. While the actual numbers will be withheld for the family's privacy, it may be noted that Laurel and Brant are separated in weight by only 2 lbs.

Waiting in the examination room, Brant had his second dirty diaper and Laurel communicated that she needed to go potty too. Off to another bathroom the family went. Maren removed Brant's diaper, thinking maybe she could salvage that last diaper and use it until back home. Not a chance! So instead of doing the smart thing and asking the nurse for another diaper, she put his shorts back on sans diaper. She just hoped that maybe they could make it through the appt and back home before another episode. No sooner had the three of them made it back to the exam room than Brant went for the third and final time...this one was a doozy. Straight down his shorts leg, on his socks and shoes and onto the floor (thank goodness it was linoleum.) Finally, Maren did the right thing and stuck her head out the door and asked for some help and a spare diaper. She had most of the mess cleaned up by the time she asked for assistance, but the nurses didn't look too thrilled. The doctor was wonderful despite the stinky room. He handled the moaning Laurel like a professional. She was diagnosed with croup and a stomach bug. He sent the prescription to the pharmacy via his iPhone (which Brad found very cool) and the family was on their way. It was quite an embarrassing day, but one that will make for laughs for years to come.


The letter 'M' said...

OK, you asked for it (well maybe you didn't, but I'll tell you anyway). Peyton was only a month old when I had to go back in to see my OB/GYN to make sure everything was ok. I was a nervous wreck because at the time, I didn't make too many outings on my own with him so I was already frazzled at making sure he was buckled in the right way, getting him up to the 5th floor in his carrier and hoping that he wouldn't be hungry in the middle of the waiting room. Well, that was the least of my worries, because after waiting for a good 20 minutes, I was finally led into a room and told to disrobe from the waist down. I set Peyton in his carrier off to the side so he wouldn't be under foot and did what the nurse said. I waited. And waited. No doctor. Peyton was starting to get fussy, and then mad. Finally I hobbled down with that paper wrap they give you wound around my waist and tried to get Peyton out of his seat while staying 'decent'. It turned out that he was hungry, so I was about to feed him when the doctor popped her head in and saw what was going on and told me that she would give me a few minutes. I just knew with a sinking feeling that that would be a bad idea because in her office, a few 'minutes' can really add up since she is always so busy. Well, I got Peyton fed and put him back in the carrier when there was a knock at the door and the doctor popped her head in again. She came in and looked at Peyton and said, 'What is that?' He was covered in poop- the kind that is all the way up the back and makes it to the seat of their crawlers in the front. So, once again, the doctor tells me she'll return in a few minutes to give me a moment to clean him up. Well, I go to change him and the minute he felt the breezy air... you guessed it, pee every where. I wanted to cry. I quickly mopped it up and got him back into the carrier at which point the doctor comes in for the third time and is able to do my examination- but then Peyton has decided he is done already and lets loose with his man wail. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Of course, I think it's funny now, but at the time, I was so flustered thinking that everyone would think that I couldn't handle my own baby. Those kids sure keep us on our toes! At least the doctor was good humoured- those nurses sounded like they needed a chill pill. It's kind of a messy job to work in a pediatrician's office- there will be kids that are gonna have accidents! Way to go for seeing the humour in it even if you were ready to just call it a day- like you said, this will be one memory that you always remember :-)

Margo said...

Oh, yummy. I guess he isn't quite ready for potty training :)

joanna said...

Hilarious! Hi Maren, Found your blog through Tamar's. Your kids are darling! I'm just starting potty training my two year old daughter, and we've had a few "incidents" already...ick!
Nice to see you again!

Mama said...

I'll share a story like Lexi did.
When Brennan was almost 2 months old, my mom, Brennan, and I flew to WA state for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
My mom and aunt decide to go shopping at one point on the trip, so we tag along. In a pretty fancy shop, Bren gets hungry. I ask the sales associate if I could feed him in the changing room (I never do this anymore, I just grab a shirt and head in as if I am actually going to try it on), to which she rather rudely replied, "I supposed, but be quick". So, go to nurse Bren, he's hooked up, and then...EXPLOSION!
There is poop on me, him, the blanket I had him in, the carpet, the wall, everywhere! (luckily not on the clothes someone had left in there)
I quickly but Brennan in his car seat (not changed), use up all my wipes trying to clean up the mess (I knew the sales lady would flip!), and then nonchalantly (well, as cool as I could be under the circumstances) walk out and say, "Oh, there is a mess in there, you might want to clean it up."
Then I BOLT to find my mom and aunt, telling them they CAN'T buy what they are holding, we have to LEAVE!
My aunt, used to big poop messes, takes me and Bren to the car where she uses bottled water and napkins to clean up Bren, while my mom checks out.
I have never been as embarrassed as that day. But, I'm glad it happened.
It helped me learn to stay calm in the face of 'adversity', and now poop explosions, even those at the movies that stink and ruin the entire outfit, don't phase me.

Kathy said...

Wow I guess my story is not that bad but was bad to me at the time:

Sunday school in church in BR Emma was a few months old & I let her have tummy time on the floor on a blanket. She lets a loud one rip and next thing I know it is on the floor and all over her clothes. I tried to clean it up with out making a bog scene and then go to changer her clothes. I look in my diaper bag & am frustrated to find no extra set of clean clothes to changer her into. (I had used them the day before & not replaced them.) Luckily Cathi Woods a baby the same age and she did have an extra set of clothes. Sigh!

Seth & Courtney said...

My heart goes out to you as one mother to another who has shared the public humiliation. Ours was this past spring at Smile Stars. All I have to say about the incident is that I hope that I never have to run into any of those people from the waiting room again!