Thursday, July 24, 2008


Beijing is only a few weeks away, but Olympic aquatic superstar Natalie Coughlin has more than her medal count to worry about. Little Laurel Cupit has started swimming lessons. With the biggest kick in her age group, Laurel is one to watch. Her first lessons are quite basic, but once this girl masters putting her face in the water, she'll leave the rest of the kids in her wake. She loves her lessons, calming her mother's fears that Laurel would be the screaming child that the instructors couldn't wait to be done with. She still has fears to conquer, but she's moving in the right direction. Laurel has been promised a doll that knows how to swim if she learns how to swim. The rather pricey incentive requires completely unaided swimming from the middle of the pool to the side (face-in). The Chronicle will post week 2 progress after the lessons are done, but here are a few shots from day one.


The letter 'M' said...

Please tell Laurel that once she has mastered the art of swimming that it's up to her to teach me to swim since I've been trying to remember how to since I was 7 years old (after that we moved to Ak where there wasn't as much access to a pool). Maybe I could bribe her with carousel rides at La Franiere park since I see from your pictures above that she enjoys that! LOL!

Nicole E. said...

Ashtyn started swim lessons two weeks ago and is swimming from end to end with a snorkel. It is awesome to see how fast they progress. She is doing one on one lessons that are extremely pricey - $19 for a 10 minutes lesson, 5 days a week for at least 4 weeks...but at least she will be swimming! Good luck to Laurel!