Sunday, June 8, 2008


All of our readers will eventually get to see the entire highlights of Maren and Brad's trip to New York. Thank you for your patience. Our pictures were rescued, but the technical department is using Linux (the operating system on the interim machine), so the learning curve is slowing down the process.

Back to our feature. The adventure continued in the evening. Brad and Maren headed back to the Gershwin theater to attempt to win the "Wicked lottery." This is a last minute chance to win front row seats for the evening performance. They didn't win, and headed next over to the TKTS booth. This booth provides day of tickets at discount prices. The couple made an impulse decision to see Cry Baby. Oops! This ended up to be a mistake. The show was not-so-great, but there were so many other wonderful parts of the trip that it turned out okay. The two left the theater and went into some Times Square tourist havens including the Virgin Megastore, M&M World, and the Hershey's store. Then they picked up some dessert from Junior's at the advice of some people in the know. Believe it or not, at this point, Brad and Maren were exhausted and couldn't walk ANYMORE!

The next day, they went down to the bottom of Manhattan to do the next touristy thing...Lady Liberty. At this point, Brad and Maren had to make the decision whether to pay the money and spend the time to go all the way to Liberty Island and tour the statue, or just take the free, one-hour round-trip ferry over to Statten Island and pass by the statue. The decision to save time and money turned out to be the right one as it began to downpour on the return trip on the ferry. Imagine being stuck on that island in the rain with no umbrella! No thank you!
The ferry is pretty close to the financial district and Ground Zero. They headed there next with some direction from a very friendly New York Pub worker. Brad and Maren can testify that New Yorkers are in fact very friendly, accommodating and gracious people. As he told them, "it's a big hole in the ground; you can't miss it." In the picture above, you can see the gigantic posters depicting what it will look like by 2012.

That's it for today. Maybe one more issue???

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museumeg said...

What did you get at Junior's? Statue of Liberty isn't too much fun but I love Ellis Island. It's kind of crazy that ground zero is still such a big hole. Glad you had fun!