Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After Ground Zero, Brad and Maren had to rush to go meet their friends Dave and Meredith at Grand Central. While looking for the right subway station, they happened upon two beautiful places. First, they came upon City Park and City Hall. Wow! It seems majestic and peaceful. Not bad for City Hall.

Next, they rounded the corner, and Brad turned his head to the right. "What bridge do you think that is?" Maren saw the green sign indicating it was the Brooklyn Bridge! What luck. They postponed their meeting time a few more minutes to allow a quick walk on the bridge for some impressive photo ops. The Brooklyn Bridge is a walking/cycling bridge as well as a automobile bridge. There were plenty of people walking on the bridge, and one local man leading a group of his out-of-town friends took a great photo of the Cupits. He was very friendly and asked the two to come back and visit again.

Eventually, they met up with their friends at Grand Central. From there, they took the short walk to Fifth Ave., which may just be Maren's favorite part of the trip. Dave took them by (and into) Saks, Tiffany's, the Apple Store and Nintendo World. They arrived in Rockefeller Center and paused to absorb the coolness factor! Those Today Show people just might work in the coolest place in the world. It's so alive with energy and excitement. The place seems to shout..."this is where cool things happen!" Dave pointed out Radio City Music Hall and the NBC studios. Brad and Maren took some obligatory photos.

Somewhere along Fifth Ave. is the best toy store ever- FAO Schwartz. It's several stories of childhood bliss. Some of our readers may remember the movie Big with Tom Hanks. He danced on the giant piano that they still have at the store. The store has professional piano dancers to put on shows for the tourists and then they allow the visitors to try it out for themselves. It didn't take much encouragement for Maren and Brad to take off their shoes and give it a whirl. You can see them pictured below on the piano and with their friends Dave and Meredith and darling little boy, Sam.

At this point, they parted ways with Dave, Mere, and Sam, and headed back to Times Square to meet up with Maren's college roommate Tamar and her husband Trevor who both made the trip to Manhattan from Philadelphia. Maren was thrilled to see Tamar for the first time in about eight years and to meet Trevor. They all ate a BBQ dinner at Virgil's and had their only famous person sighting of the trip. Brad is pretty sure he saw Spike Lee in the restaurant.
They left the restaurant and headed outside into the "bright lights, big city." While walking in Times Square, they saw one more famous person...ELMO! With an Elmo superfan back home in Louisiana, they couldn't pass up the photo. But, wait, ELMO wanted cash for the picture. "One Dollah!" Oh how funny to hear a foreign man wearing an Elmo costume (with a cowboy hat on!) It was a moment they won't soon forget.You may notice that both Brad and Maren have sunglasses on their heads. These were knock-offs purchased in Times Square that evening. Maren crossed that last thing off of her to-do list.

After buying a few more souvenirs, they ran to catch the train back to Stamford. They had a relaxing Sunday with their friends including a strawberry/rhubarb homemade pie and introduction to the game Settlers of Catan. Tuesday they flew back home...and so ends one great adventure.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats Maren for pulling it off!! Happy birthday Brad! It looks like you guys had an AMAZING time last weekend. You both look awesome in the pictures! =) Love ya,

Jeni said...

Calyn is SOOOO jealous that you met Elmo!

Heather said...

It looks like you had the best time of your life!! What a wonderful birthday present. Way to go on such a wonderful surprise!! Did you go to the Today show???? That is my number 1 thing to do if we ever go to New York! We LOVE Settlers!! Some friends of ours brought it over one night and we were hooked!!

Vanessa, Zac and Noah said...

Wow, your trip sounds so fun. I went there when in high school and would love to go back with Zac. And the high light would have to be settlers of catan....we at one point were quite addicted!