Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Maren finally executed Brad's birthday surprise that had been months in the making. For his 30th birthday and an early 5th anniversary celebration, Maren planned a trip for the couple to NYC! In her excitement, Maren told plenty of people about the plans, and miraculously, not one person spilled the beans. Except for one little hiccup on the eve of the surprise, execution went as planned.

Maren packed for the family on Thursday morning, picked up Brad at work for lunch, and revealed the events to come. It seems like Brad smiled all the way to the airport. The children were thrilled too, if not impatient, to get to spend the weekend with their grandparents. What a special moment, when everyone is super happy!

Maren's dear friend Meredith met them at the White Plains airport late Thursday night. After a solid night's sleep (a great benefit of vacation without kids or work on the brain), Brad and Maren hopped on a train to head into the city from Stamford, CT. The train arrived in Grand Central Station. What a "grand" welcome to the city. It's fantastic! Maren and Brad tried to think of all the movies that have scenes in this very place. Maybe they should put a poster up somewhere with a list of them.Next, the two walked outside to navigate their way to their hotel. Along the way, they crossed a city block, looked up and "oh my!" Brad said, "Maren, we're in Times Square!" He was giddy!

Seeing this place during the day is breathtaking; seeing it at night should be on everyone's lifetime to do list.

Eventually, they made it to the hotel to check in and drop off their luggage. It was located in a fabulous location between the theater district and Times Square. Priceline is a pretty useful tool. Maren tried day after day bidding for a room at a good price in a good location. Finally it worked and the two felt richly rewarded! Here are some photos of the view outside the window.

Check out the lobby of a New York 2 star hotel. Maybe some day they'll be able to live it up in 4 stars, but for now, 2 stars isn't too shabby! The hotel had a cool elevator system. The guest punches in the desired floor in a keypad next to all the elevators. Then the keypad displays which elevator to get on. The elevator itself has no numbers in it. It just takes the passengers directly to their floor. Pretty impressive for some humble Louisianians!

Please check out the next issue of the Chronicle. There will be at least one more feature on the Cupit's trip to the big city, of course loaded with plenty of photos.


Margo said...

Oh, how exciting. I want to go visit just hearing about it. I heart NYC.

Meredith said...

Ahh! It was so fun having you here!!! Thanks for letting me be part of the fun trip to NYC. You guys did great with Priceline -- the hotel looks perfect! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.