Saturday, June 21, 2008


On their first ever considerable family road trip, the Cupits went to Houston to visit the Rees family and to attend a wedding for the Gerage Family. Both events were worthwhile reasons to attempt the 5 hour ride in the car. Thanks to "Ratatootie" and Peter Pan, plus a few other library rentals...the trip was pretty much a cinch. One thing the Cupits learned though - there is no such thing as a quick bite to eat or a quick stop for gas when you are traveling with little ones. Despite rather long stops, the family stayed in good spirits and the mini-vacation was wonderful.

The Rees family lives in the beautiful suburb of The Woodlands. While there, the kids played with their much-missed pal Michael. They went to a mini splash park in a posh shopping center and to a fantastic indoor park in a gigantic Methodist Church. It is true that things are bigger in Texas! Mom Elina and Dad David generously entertained the children so Brad and Maren could attend the wedding at the Houston Temple. The sunshine made for some beautiful wedding pictures.


Vanessa, Zac and Noah said...

Fun trip! My husband is from Spring Texas which is near the Woodlands....that is a beautiful area that we hope to end up in someday!

jessica & co. said...

I didn't know they had moved away. And to the Woodlands...NICE!
Looks like a fun trip.
Oh, and what is the draw of Peter Pan. I think the boys watched it for 15 of the 17 hours it took us to get to Houston.