Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As editor, I feel obligated to share an online financial tool introduced to me by my husband. After some buggy problems with MS Money, I was about to spend some cash and install Quicken. Alas, this "thin client" (computer lingo per Brad) does exactly what I need even easier than I imagined. I have used Quicken, MS Money, and Quickbooks, plus tons of other software through work, and this site is perfect for home budgeting and tracking purposes. Two great things: I didn't get frustrated in trying to upload any of my accounts...and I know I won't have to go buy the latest version in two years in order to keep downloading my transactions. If you do open a free account with them, I recommend viewing a few tutorials. They are fast and very useful. wesabe.com

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Jeni said...

My financial plan: don't bounce any checks:) When the bank account starts to plummet, that's when I just simply stop spending money.