Wednesday, May 28, 2008


After a series of days with too much humidity and rising temperatures, mother nature granted a beautiful morning perfect for a pool playdate party. Maren joined at least seven other moms and their bathing-suit cuties at a gathering in honor of dear friend Jessica. Jessica moved awhile ago to Omaha, so her visits back "home" are cause for celebration.

During the party, Laurel inserted some spongy water toys into her bathing suit and posed (almost professionally) for the camera. When asked, she called them her "pumpsies." Laurel is highly sensitive lately when anyone laughs or smiles at her cuteness, so Maren tries most of the time to keep a straight face. Not this time. Aren't you laughing, too?

Brant spent much of the time riding in the toy car or playing with the sprinkler toy. He also liked to drive the wheel on the swing set. Brant loves to be behind the wheel whether we're at the park, in a toy car or in Mom's car. He loves to drive!

Here's a few more fun pics for the day. The Cupits thank Cathi for providing a fantastic morning of fun!

This last picture was captured by Laurel. She loves taking pictures, and is doing quite well for a 3 year old!


Heather said...

That is hilarious!! She is going to be real trouble in another 10 years!!!

Nicole E. said...

Okay, I know I have said this before but you are soooo skinny! What are you doing b/c I need to do it! Very cute story!

museumeg said...

Where do you think she got the word "pumpsies?" Hilarious!

jessica & co. said...

we had a great time visiting all of you guys. i still laugh when i think about laurel and that pose...too funny!