Thursday, May 15, 2008


For our hungry readers, the Chronicle presents two recent successes. First, if you crave the most delicious carrot cake ever created, borrow this recipe from our affiliate Jeni. *Warning* It takes a bit of time and a lot of ingredients. *** WARNING***Prepare to gain a few'll eat every last crumb! Brad made this as a Mother's Day treat; it was well received!

Second, in an attempt to eat just a little bit less meat, the Cupits discovered a new vegetarian dish that may be of interest. Kraft Foods created a tasty Greek pasta salad. Maren made it twice in one week, mostly because she discovered a new love for chick peas.


Jeni said...

I saw that recipe on Kraft and wanted to try it!!!

As your affiliate, I may have to try that recipe.

That carrot cake is so good...I think I need to make one! (It's really not MY recipe. I stole it out of Southern Living:) But I'll take credit for introducing it to you.

Whitney J. Marsden said...

Chick peas are so underestimated! That was so nice of Brad to make you a tasty Mother's Day treat. I hope it was a great day for you.