Wednesday, May 28, 2008


****Brag alert!****

Brant is a marvelous little talker. He can express himself masterfully! It's been a joy for Maren and Brad to listen to him put together big sentences and carry on miniature conversations. He can sing a few songs, too! Occasionally, Brant will find a word that needs a little twist. He adds a little style to it. Next time you look in the sky to see what's making the noise, remember what Brant calls it...


After a series of days with too much humidity and rising temperatures, mother nature granted a beautiful morning perfect for a pool playdate party. Maren joined at least seven other moms and their bathing-suit cuties at a gathering in honor of dear friend Jessica. Jessica moved awhile ago to Omaha, so her visits back "home" are cause for celebration.

During the party, Laurel inserted some spongy water toys into her bathing suit and posed (almost professionally) for the camera. When asked, she called them her "pumpsies." Laurel is highly sensitive lately when anyone laughs or smiles at her cuteness, so Maren tries most of the time to keep a straight face. Not this time. Aren't you laughing, too?

Brant spent much of the time riding in the toy car or playing with the sprinkler toy. He also liked to drive the wheel on the swing set. Brant loves to be behind the wheel whether we're at the park, in a toy car or in Mom's car. He loves to drive!

Here's a few more fun pics for the day. The Cupits thank Cathi for providing a fantastic morning of fun!

This last picture was captured by Laurel. She loves taking pictures, and is doing quite well for a 3 year old!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


For our hungry readers, the Chronicle presents two recent successes. First, if you crave the most delicious carrot cake ever created, borrow this recipe from our affiliate Jeni. *Warning* It takes a bit of time and a lot of ingredients. *** WARNING***Prepare to gain a few'll eat every last crumb! Brad made this as a Mother's Day treat; it was well received!

Second, in an attempt to eat just a little bit less meat, the Cupits discovered a new vegetarian dish that may be of interest. Kraft Foods created a tasty Greek pasta salad. Maren made it twice in one week, mostly because she discovered a new love for chick peas.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As editor, I feel obligated to share an online financial tool introduced to me by my husband. After some buggy problems with MS Money, I was about to spend some cash and install Quicken. Alas, this "thin client" (computer lingo per Brad) does exactly what I need even easier than I imagined. I have used Quicken, MS Money, and Quickbooks, plus tons of other software through work, and this site is perfect for home budgeting and tracking purposes. Two great things: I didn't get frustrated in trying to upload any of my accounts...and I know I won't have to go buy the latest version in two years in order to keep downloading my transactions. If you do open a free account with them, I recommend viewing a few tutorials. They are fast and very useful.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Laurel requested all morning long to go swimming in her "pool." Surely, the 15 minute drive between speech therapy and home felt more like an hour. Upon arrival, she immediately found her scissors to cut the tags off of her new water shoes and stripped down her clothes. Why doesn't she move this fast when it's bath time in the evening?

Brant requested his swimming suit as well. The two have been playing outside for over an hour and a half, stopping only for a picnic lunch. The weather is delightful, so this family vows not to miss a second of it!

Seen pictured, a future H2O Polo superstar, the cutest dimple in Louisiana, and the beginning of many water fights yet to come in Summer 2008!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Who says moms can't let loose? Friday night proved that theory wrong. All it takes are a few video games, a little pizza and some tasty treats, and the transformation begins. The ladies in attendance may be moms by day, but truly they are dancing queens by night.

The ladies played the Wii Olympics and the Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation. What a blast! The DDR was especially addicting. Surely more than one of the moms went home to research the cost of acquiring a dance pad of their own.

Brad's friend Cam stopped by a little early to "set up and test" the Wii. As pictured below, they were hard at work.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Recently, the Cupits visited the Audubon Zoo on a beautiful Saturday. Everyone else was aware of the great weather, because the zoo was packed. Thanks to help from G.G. and Papa K, the crowds were easily maneuverable and the visit was highly enjoyable. Brant was thrilled to pet an elephant, see the lions and giraffes, and climb on "Monkey Hill." Laurel enjoyed the sea lions and the petting zoo. According to Maren, the trip was deserving of one more week of procrastination of home improvement projects!


Laurel's friend Jonathan came home with her after school about 2 weeks ago. His parents took a brief trip out of town, so Laurel had her first spend-the-night with a friend! The kids did very well playing together. They spent plenty of time outside. Seen below, Laurel and Jonathan shared the swing, while Brant looked on. Perhaps this is telling for years to come when pesty little brother spys out the window at big sister on a date!