Friday, April 18, 2008


Our faithful readers may have noticed the shortage of new posts during the past month. Tax season zapped most of free time in the Cupit house. Be aware, however, that even though reports of the daily happenings of the Cupit family were few and far between, plenty of life continued on.

The whole family made a lot of sacrifices to get through the last two weeks of the season. A series of late nights must have been tiresome for the dad left at home to solely tend to the evening responsibilities with Brant and Laurel. Maren can't recall any complaints from fact, one night she was greeted at the door with a special treat! It was after midnight, so Brad was asleep, but a trail of notes greeted Maren in the kitchen.

If you had some trouble figuring out the message, it reads, "If sweets are what you crave, try this your mouth will RAVE!" A special new dessert awaited in the refrigerator. The treat was quite tasty, but it could have been anything and Maren would still have been thrilled at the thoughtfulness!

Brad handled the change in daily life extremely well. The Cupit family loves their super dad!


jessica & co. said...

what a great hubby you have...he's gotten gold stars a few times this year already! i think he needs a really special father's day surprise!

museumeg said...

What a sweet husband!

Margo said...

So glad you survived. Now you have time to call me reguarly.