Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Three year old Laurel Cupit captured the artistic photos above at the swamp. The first photo is a reflection off the water. Laurel just looked up toward the sky to take the second shot. Local experts see unlimited potential in her artistic vision.

The children enjoyed pushing and pulling at a muscadine vine with the guide's permission. Muscadine are grapes that grow well locally.

Laurel and all of the other students took turns touching a corn snake. Brant had a turn too! At home, Brad reported that he saw a snake while doing yard work this weekend. Hopefully, both children will be cautious around snakes in the "wild."

Brant came with us on the field trip.


Cathi said...

Great pictures Laurel! And that looks like a fun field trip. I would never touch any kind of snake so I admire their bravery!

Adah said...

Wow very impressive pictures. I hate snakes so I would say your 2 are very brave.

Whitney J. Marsden said...

Great pictures! I am very impressed and can't wait to see more from this young artist!