Friday, March 28, 2008


The weather has been beautiful this week in southern Louisiana. It's been pleasant and bug-free enough to leave the backdoor open. The Cupits have been trying to spend plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the spring before the humidity and heat settle in.

Laurel and Brant are finally old enough to play while supervised in the front yard, giving Maren the chance to weed the garden. Maren doesn't have a green thumb yet, but gardening is something that she endeavors to get better at. So a little after 4 p.m. yesterday, she packed the kids in the van and headed to the nursery up the street. This nursery advertises courteous personnel that can answer your questions. So, Maren asked an employee, "What can I plant under our magnolia tree?" The salesman recommended begonias. After seeing her stall and the confused expression on her face, he added, "on the fourth table from the end." Maren found some plants, checked the marker in the pot to make sure she was looking at the right plant, and put a tray in the buggy. By the way, here in Louisiana, shopping carts are called buggies. The family went to check out with the plants and some children's gloves and tools for the kiddos. Just when the children were becoming to restless to control, Brad enters the store! Without his rescue, Maren wouldn't have taken the time to ask for a little advice for planting her new purchase. Maren was advised that begonias are low maintenance plants and should do great under the magnolia.
Back at home, the whole family used the remaining daylight to add top soil, plant the flowers, add some time-release fertilizer (Laurel and Brant got a little carried away with shaking the can), and finally, watering the project. The results are great, it looks better than before.

There is still plenty more gardening that awaits in the yard, but the journey has begun. The next step will be some mulch, because aren't gardens supposed to have mulch?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Under an overcast sky and despite windy conditions, the Easter parade walked on. Laurel sported her decorated bunny ears and made a few laps around the preschool courtyard. After the parade, the cuties headed to the field where siblings were permitted to join in on the egg hunt. In the end, the class enjoyed an Easter party with a craft and cookies in the classroom. Laurel loved the day. She carried a big smile around with her most of the time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Three year old Laurel Cupit captured the artistic photos above at the swamp. The first photo is a reflection off the water. Laurel just looked up toward the sky to take the second shot. Local experts see unlimited potential in her artistic vision.

The children enjoyed pushing and pulling at a muscadine vine with the guide's permission. Muscadine are grapes that grow well locally.

Laurel and all of the other students took turns touching a corn snake. Brant had a turn too! At home, Brad reported that he saw a snake while doing yard work this weekend. Hopefully, both children will be cautious around snakes in the "wild."

Brant came with us on the field trip.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Some great dear friends of the Chronicle staff are raising funds for an upcoming MS Walk in Omaha, Nebraska. The family has two beautiful little boys. The father, Bart, has MS. We here at the Chronicle love this family, and earnestly believe that your money would be well spent in a donation on Bart's behalf. If you feel so motivated, please visit and help them reach their goal.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Bad things come in bunches of threes (or fours, or fives...) Perhaps they should adjust that adage for those living amongst small children. Sometimes parents of little rascals can barely regroup before the next mishap follows. Take the Cupit house, for example. This dear family lived through a few noteworthy accidents this week.

The first that comes to mind involves a key, a door, a mom unloading groceries and a curious 3-year-old. Result: two kids locked inside unable to reverse the mistake. Maren was able to talk to and see Laurel and Brant through the window. This helped the children stay calm for a minute or two. Next Maren had to run to the neighbor to borrow his phone because, sadly, her cell phone was locked inside the house with the kids. She called Brad to report the catastrophe. Thank heaven he was already in the middle of traffic, not at the beginning. He made it home in record time, only half divulging the not-so-legal moves he used to do it. Brant and Laurel and Maren had a hug session on the couch for quite a few minutes after their reunion.

Only a few minutes after that mishap, Brad and Maren's conversation in the kitchen was interrupted by a loud "thud" in the living room, followed by a super short silence and then the "I'm really hurt" cry. The accident wasn't witnessed by one capable of retelling the event, but most likely Laurel was sitting on the arm of the couch and tumbled forward, landing flat on her face. She hurt her nose and her forehead. After a little ice and comforting, she was okay.

Brant's had a few scrapes recently too. He fell out of his stroller at the zoo, refusing to let go of his drink cup. He still has the boo-boo on his finger that he points out to anyone who will listen. "I got a boo-boo at the zoo," followed by, "see zebras at zoo."

And finally, just yesterday or the day before, Brant came into the bathroom while Maren was getting ready, sat down on the edge of the bathtub and leaned backwards. Perhaps he thought the shower curtain would support him, but it didn't, and he fell over on his head.

It's a good thing children can't hire a personal injury attorney to sue their parents. Laurel and Brant could really rack up on the pain and suffering.

To prove that Maren's mothering skills aren't ALL bad, she brags that amongst all this, Laurel has learned her phone number. She has a little dance and song that she does when she says it. Also, Laurel has a new habit. When things are quiet for a few minutes, Laurel looks at her mother and says, "I really really love you Mommy."

Monday, March 3, 2008


A beautiful afternoon with friend Cassidy in the backyard. The sandbox is a favorite toy these days.

Brant (A.K.A Dash) enjoys some soup with his fingers. Now the task for the Cupits is teaching the Incredible boy that it truly isn't polite to play with your food unless someone is taking you picture.

The Cupit rotation for the babysitting swap was a breeze thanks to good weather, plenty to play with in the back yard, and Brad's magic touch with baby Ian.

Sunday afternoon treat: Maren and Laurel "whip up" a cookie cake made from Chips Ahoy, cool whip and milk. Laurel was a big help!