Sunday, February 24, 2008


There's nothing like a beautiful afternoon, a nice lawn chair, and a few holes in the fence. Let this serve as a warning to all backyard privacy-enjoyers. There may be little eyes watching. Little kids get such a thrill from watching what's happening next door...even if the neighbors are just raking their leaves.

Laurel was found this afternoon taking a peep through a pretty big knot hole in the fence. Of course, Brant wasn't far away mimicking his big sis. The photo moment of the day was worthy of interrupting dinner preparations. Brad hollered at Maren to "come take a look at what Laurel's's worth it." Sure enough, Laurel had set herself up quite nicely on the little lawn chair in front of the peeping hole. A few minutes later she held up her cup, and with her face still toward the fence, back toward the rest of the family, she shouted "MORE!" To Laurel's dismay, the server for her table had clocked out.

Laurel had an altogether preschool perfect afternoon. She spent time on her skates from Santa, pedaled around on brother's new Harley trike, played in a pile of leaves, and played on the swing set.


Cathi said...

Laurel spying on the neighbors - that's too funny! How does she like her skates? And the new roof on the swing set looks great - was that a chalkboard I saw on the wall?

jessica & co. said...

I wish we could play outside...this weekend it was in the high 30's and we were so it's supposed to snow again.
I miss LA weather, crazy as it is.
Oh, and when we come visit...maybe we should have a play date in your FABULOUS backyard!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Little peeping Laurel. That's classic!

Heather said...

That is hilarious. Brant is not going to like that when he has friend over and Laurel is spying on him :-)