Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits. Throngs of people. Loud music. Sirens. Steady sunshine with an occasional breeze. Beads strewn everywhere. Cars parked every which way. Mardi Gras truly is an experience for all of the senses! The weather forecast proved wrong; the clouds blew away leaving the sun to warm the crowds. Laurel and Brant (and Mommy and Daddy) had great fun! The parades at Mardi Gras throw beads, stuffed toys, cups, dabloons, even the official treat of Mardi Gras - Moon Pies! With two small children to entice the throwers on the floats, the Cupits came away with plenty of loot. They would have collected more, too, but Laurel pooped out before the parades finished. Maren and Brad regretfully left the parades early with the exhausted children. One the way home, Brant declared, "That fun Mardi Gras, Mommy!" Definitely!

Granny and G.G. taking it easy in the back of Papa K's truck. Papa K came to reserve this spot on Sunday. It was perfect! Check out the food spread on the table to the right. This family knows how to do Mardi Gras!

Laurel dancing in the street to the music from one of the floats. She wore the beads for a few minutes, but then decided she'd rather just catch them and put them in the bag.

Brad and Brant enjoying Papa K's ladder chair. Papa K built this just for the kids, allowing them to see over the crowds. This is very common at the parades. Some people even had their ladders decorated! Notice that Brad is holding a moon pie in his hand. For our non-southern readers, this is a gram cracker marshmallow sandwich covered in chocolate.

Laurel taking a ride on Papa K's shoulders.

Brant with one of his "throws" and Papa K's hat.

The kids playing in the back of Papa K's truck. G.G. had even set up the port-a-crib in there. The kids took turns climbing in and out of it. Brant was in his diaper because he was a little overheated. Once out of the truck, though, his pants were put back on!

Just before leaving, Daddy and Brant danced one last time to the music of the floats.


jessica & co. said...

looks like you guys had a great time. where did you go?
and that is so nice of papa k to build that chair for them!

we sure do miss the festivities of mardi gras...

Nicole E. said...

I am so coming to Mardi Gras next year. I think the kids would absolutley love it. Did you go down to New Orleans or was that up in Baton Rouge? Give me some details. Love you!

Elly said...

Looks like fun!