Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As the sleepy little girl wandered out of her room this morning, her mother waited anxiously for her first spoken words of the day. She hoped this telling indicator would predict a happy day for the recovery-laden family. To Maren's dismay, whining and tears developed immediately after Laurel's request for candy (at 7:30a.m.) was rejected. Maren also suggested that the t.v. stay off until Brant awakened. Maren left Laurel to pout on the couch for a few minutes. She soon heard silence and figured she had gone back to sleep. She didn't expect to find Laurel so well covered. Once she confirmed that Laurel's breathing was not impaired, she snapped a quick pic. For proof that Laurel really was hidden under the camo, notice the toes poking out on the end!


jessica & co. said...

at least she asked for the candy...brennan woke me up with a Popsicle in his mouth this morning!

Cam said...

I'd call that a successful morning... unless there was some candy hidden in the couch cushions!