Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As the editor of such a well-respected publication, I find myself a little embarrassed to admit that I follow American Idol. I don't sit down and watch the whole show every episode, but I do follow my favorites. I, like millions of other Americans, am pulling for the young Mormon male contestant, David Archuleta. Tonight, on 70s night, David sang last. He closed the show with his version of Imagine, by John Lennon. When Ryan Seacrest made this announcement, I was surprised. Immediately, I was glued to the t.v. waiting to hear the words "imagine no religion" come from his mouth. But, staying true to his convictions, he didn't sing that part. He sang the last verse, "Imagine no possessions," etc. Randy, after praising him, questioned his decision to not sing the first verse. He replied that he only had time for one verse and the third one is his favorite because it has such a great message. Well spoken! Did he anticipate this question or just reply on the fly? I would love to ask him. I now wonder what he will do in 2 years when he's 19...put the Grammys on hold to serve a mission?


pjtemple said...

Isn't he the cutest thing??? I too, like Paula, just want to squeeze him :)

Margo said...

I too am embarrassed that I watch American Idol, and more so because my YW don't even watch it. Go figure. But I did tell them that they should start watching the darling mormon boy! I almost voted last night which I haver never done. Maybe in a few weeks.

Happy said...

I am very into it this season too! Jared and I love David too, he is our favorite. He is just too cute!
Also, thanks for the comment on the Twilight books. Why do you prefer Edward over Jacob, b/c she wouldn't have to change so much about herself? That is the positive I see.
ALSO, I made my blog private, but would love to invite you to view it! If you could email me, I'll send you an invite. My email address is my first name, dot, last name, @ gmail.com. I hope you know my last name!! Good luck!

Maren said...

I CAN'T remember your last name...help!

Happy said...
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