Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As the editor of such a well-respected publication, I find myself a little embarrassed to admit that I follow American Idol. I don't sit down and watch the whole show every episode, but I do follow my favorites. I, like millions of other Americans, am pulling for the young Mormon male contestant, David Archuleta. Tonight, on 70s night, David sang last. He closed the show with his version of Imagine, by John Lennon. When Ryan Seacrest made this announcement, I was surprised. Immediately, I was glued to the t.v. waiting to hear the words "imagine no religion" come from his mouth. But, staying true to his convictions, he didn't sing that part. He sang the last verse, "Imagine no possessions," etc. Randy, after praising him, questioned his decision to not sing the first verse. He replied that he only had time for one verse and the third one is his favorite because it has such a great message. Well spoken! Did he anticipate this question or just reply on the fly? I would love to ask him. I now wonder what he will do in 2 years when he's 19...put the Grammys on hold to serve a mission?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The two-year-old well-baby visit results: Brant weighs 35lbs. (97th percentile), is 36 in. (90th percentile), and has a 50 cm. head circumference. Mom is thrilled that Brant has only gained 1 lb in 6 months and is now on the chart for weight. He's still wearing extra wide shoes, so it's still difficult for Maren to picture him "slimming out."


There's nothing like a beautiful afternoon, a nice lawn chair, and a few holes in the fence. Let this serve as a warning to all backyard privacy-enjoyers. There may be little eyes watching. Little kids get such a thrill from watching what's happening next door...even if the neighbors are just raking their leaves.

Laurel was found this afternoon taking a peep through a pretty big knot hole in the fence. Of course, Brant wasn't far away mimicking his big sis. The photo moment of the day was worthy of interrupting dinner preparations. Brad hollered at Maren to "come take a look at what Laurel's doing...it's worth it." Sure enough, Laurel had set herself up quite nicely on the little lawn chair in front of the peeping hole. A few minutes later she held up her cup, and with her face still toward the fence, back toward the rest of the family, she shouted "MORE!" To Laurel's dismay, the server for her table had clocked out.

Laurel had an altogether preschool perfect afternoon. She spent time on her skates from Santa, pedaled around on brother's new Harley trike, played in a pile of leaves, and played on the swing set.


It's a trick to get a decent picture of two little children. And it may happen at an unconventional picture time...like breakfast. This photo was taken about a month ago. Maren claims it's one of the best ones of both kids (even if they are in their pajamas.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As the sleepy little girl wandered out of her room this morning, her mother waited anxiously for her first spoken words of the day. She hoped this telling indicator would predict a happy day for the recovery-laden family. To Maren's dismay, whining and tears developed immediately after Laurel's request for candy (at 7:30a.m.) was rejected. Maren also suggested that the t.v. stay off until Brant awakened. Maren left Laurel to pout on the couch for a few minutes. She soon heard silence and figured she had gone back to sleep. She didn't expect to find Laurel so well covered. Once she confirmed that Laurel's breathing was not impaired, she snapped a quick pic. For proof that Laurel really was hidden under the camo, notice the toes poking out on the end!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Brad organized a thirtieth surprise birthday party for his wife this past weekend. He had a little bit of help with the set up, food and decorations from Maren's best friend Cissy. Her attendance at the event was another well-hidden surprise for Maren. This was an incredible weekend not soon forgotten!


For a few pics from a great birthday weekend, please visit our affiliate Lil Napes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's official! Brant is two! This big little man brings plenty of light-heartedness to the Cupit family. He is soft, cuddly and happy. It's quite fitting that the little furry, red monster Elmo was the theme for his 2nd birthday!

Beautiful weather made for a great backyard celebration. The invitees climbed on the new swing set, played pin the nose on Elmo, ate hot Domino's pizza, and painted their mouths red with homemade Elmo cake and cupcakes!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits. Throngs of people. Loud music. Sirens. Steady sunshine with an occasional breeze. Beads strewn everywhere. Cars parked every which way. Mardi Gras truly is an experience for all of the senses! The weather forecast proved wrong; the clouds blew away leaving the sun to warm the crowds. Laurel and Brant (and Mommy and Daddy) had great fun! The parades at Mardi Gras throw beads, stuffed toys, cups, dabloons, even the official treat of Mardi Gras - Moon Pies! With two small children to entice the throwers on the floats, the Cupits came away with plenty of loot. They would have collected more, too, but Laurel pooped out before the parades finished. Maren and Brad regretfully left the parades early with the exhausted children. One the way home, Brant declared, "That fun Mardi Gras, Mommy!" Definitely!

Granny and G.G. taking it easy in the back of Papa K's truck. Papa K came to reserve this spot on Sunday. It was perfect! Check out the food spread on the table to the right. This family knows how to do Mardi Gras!

Laurel dancing in the street to the music from one of the floats. She wore the beads for a few minutes, but then decided she'd rather just catch them and put them in the bag.

Brad and Brant enjoying Papa K's ladder chair. Papa K built this just for the kids, allowing them to see over the crowds. This is very common at the parades. Some people even had their ladders decorated! Notice that Brad is holding a moon pie in his hand. For our non-southern readers, this is a gram cracker marshmallow sandwich covered in chocolate.

Laurel taking a ride on Papa K's shoulders.

Brant with one of his "throws" and Papa K's hat.

The kids playing in the back of Papa K's truck. G.G. had even set up the port-a-crib in there. The kids took turns climbing in and out of it. Brant was in his diaper because he was a little overheated. Once out of the truck, though, his pants were put back on!

Just before leaving, Daddy and Brant danced one last time to the music of the floats.