Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Mardi Gras season is here in southern Louisiana, and the parades are in full promenade! Laurel participated in her first parade today at her preschool. She was officially a part of the Krewe of Royalty. Her class has been learning about kings and queens and the letter "K" this week. Mom and Brant came to watch the festivities and catch a few beads. They did not anticipate the crowds, though, and arrived a little too late to avoid trouble. By the time they pulled up to the parade route (the school parking lot), most visible spots were taken. Maren turned into a grass lot across the street already occupied by at least 20 parade goers with the same idea. While driving in the grass, or more appropriately, "mud" lot, the van stopped well before the desired destination. After a few useless attempts to get the van out of the mess, Maren put the van in park and headed to the parade.

Laurel did a great job throwing beads and candy, as did all the other participators. Brant was tired, but managed to muster some energy to pick up the scattered tootsie rolls and Hershey's kisses. After the fun, Laurel's teacher graciously allowed Brant to follow the rest of the class to the classroom, permitting Maren time to deal with the quagmire. Thank goodness for a group of strong construction workers and a friend of the family. Maren stayed mud-free in the van, while the charitable men sacrificed their clean clothes to push the van to drier ground. Apparently, after the Cupit ordeal, a truck dropped into a sinkhole in the same area. A bad day is certainly relative to perspective, isn't it?Seen above: The van on dry ground. Two car washes later, it's still not completely clean!


Heather said...

Looks like fun!! Mud and all :-)

jessica & co. said...

i really am missing mardi gras. catch a few beads for us. we have some friends from biloxi and their daughter's is mardi gras, so they are having a m.g. party. at least the boys will get some use out of the m.g. shirts their bought them and the masks someone gave bart.
sorry about the van...but look at it like this...if you were here, your van would be that dirty all winter.

Whitney J. Marsden said...

Isn't Brant a little young to drive? So cute!