Thursday, January 3, 2008


Santa came to the right house for the Cupits this year. Thank goodness! He sure did make two little Cupit kiddos happy. The loot included Laurel's never forgotten skates (seen below in demo by brother), snow suits and boots, a fairy princess dress with musical light up wand, an elephant with sound, a motorcycle, a large Elmo, and lots of books and magnetic playsets. Someone must have told Santa that Mommy needs help occupying the kids at church! Santa also brought Surf's Up, but upon parental review this one might be stored out of reach for a few years. Surprisingly, Brant's favorite gift was a set of Pixar figurines that don't "do" anything. All week on vacation, Brant had them within sight. The whole family heard him ask throughout the day, "Where's Woody? Where's Sully? Where's Incredibles?" Santa, along with mom and dad and aunt and grandparents blessed the Cupit kids with wonderful new toys and plenty of joy.


Whitney said...

It sounds like everyone had a great time in Utah! It it strange that I completely understand the toys not "doing" anything? Happy new year Cupit family!

jessica and bart said...

that santa is one smart guy. he came to our house a few days early.