Sunday, December 9, 2007


It was the Cupit's turn to host the children again this past Friday night, and this time the effort was no sweat. The Hutchinsons couldn't make it due to a last minute change in plans, so Maren and Brad were only responsible for holding down the fort with 4 children. Maren recalls looking at the clock at one point and saying, "Wow, it's already 6:30!" Better preparation this time around was a big help, too! The kids played with playdough for a full 20 minutes! This might not seem long to those without children, but in the world of parenthood, 20 full minutes of four children sitting in one place without commotion is something of note. Charlie Brown's Christmas also had a showing at the Cupit Cinema. The kids preferred to enjoy this flick as background ambiance during their playtime in the living room. The toy of choice for the evening was the wooden rocking horse made by Laurel and Brant's great-grandfather years ago. The kids love it!

Laurel and Ainsly took turns singing happy birthday to each other and blowing out the candle (pretend, of course). Here you can see Laurel either keeping Ainsly from getting too close or protecting her control over the "birthday cake", you decide!

It really was a great night. Next time, the Cupits hope to have their bag of tricks stocked for the whole gang of 6.


jessica and bart said...

i'm so glad you guys are doing that. that is a great idea. i hope you take advantage of your free fridays! it's funny how people so small take so much planning and supervision.

Cathi said...

Thanks again for watching them - there's no way we would've been prepared for the next day if the kids had been home that night! And I was wondering where Ainsly learned to blow out her birthday candle since I totally forgot to practice with her - thanks!

Jeni said...

I'm sorry Josh and Stacy missed free babysitting, but I'm super glad they decided to spend the evening with us in New Orleans (even though they did get lost...darn you Carrollton and poor signage placement!)