Monday, December 3, 2007



On behalf of our team here at the Chronicle, I would like to explain the slow down of blog posts.

Our photo editor has been suffering amidst creative challenges. Quite simply, her favorite photo subjects are enjoying a rather mellow life at the moment. In addition, the photo editor forgot to take pictures of a few important events.

Maren hosted her first annual Cookie Exchange on Saturday morning. She successfully remained calm throughout preparation and party time! This is a huge feat! Thanks to plenty of help from Brad, the house looked great and the children had a great time playing at a friend's house. Brad volunteered to watch 4 children all by himself, and reported back to Maren that, "It wasn't too hard!"

Last week, the Cupit crew and friends from playgroup headed to the mall for free Santa photos. After quite a long wait, Laurel sat solo on Santa. Brant didn't cry, but when prompted to sit on Santa's lap, he clung to his mother with a death grip. Santa's jolliness was left in his sleigh in the parking lot, but Laurel is too young to judge a good Santa from a bad one. The photo came out ok, but the Chronicle does not employ a scanner. Anyone wishing to view the free photo will have to take a trip to the Cupit kitchen and check out the refrigerator.

The final explanation for the blog blahs is that I, your humble editor-in-chief, have started working again in accounting. I will spend a little time in the office, but most of the work will be done from home. I am very excited about this new adventure. Anyone needing tax services for individual, partnership, or corporate returns should e-mail me directly for a recommendation to my boss. She owns a small firm here in town, and I love working for her.

Please remain faithful to our blog. We will return at a normal pace shortly. After all, this season should bring plenty of photo worthy goings-on!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

That Santa sure was a mess. He told me to enjoy my kids while they're young because his 18 year old daughter was ruining his life which is why he moved here from Texas-All while Ayden was sitting on his lap.

Cathi said...

Thanks again for watching the kids. And Stacy, after your story with Santa I'm so glad now that he didn't talk to me or Ainsly!

Nicole said...

I was so excited to get an email that a blog had been posted. I am also excited to hear that you found a job that will allow the best of both worlds!!!! Have fun in Utah!

Jeni said...

I was beginning to worry. When someone stops blogging, the first thing that crosses my mind is, "are they okay?" Glad that things are going great for you guys.

Margo said...

I have been checking and wondering! I am laughing about Stacy's Santa story. Same Santa I assume.

Anyhow... good to hear from you. Hope the work goes well. I will call soon.

Whitney said...

Hi Maren, it's been great reading what's been going on in Baton Rouge. It sounds like the kids are surrounded with lots of love and fun! Good luck on your new job. Oh, and I've tagged you on my blog. Feel free to play along. Take care! xo