Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here's a fine selection of photos from this year's Halloween celebrations in and around the Cupit house. The season was fantastic and ended this morning with the annual trip to Target's Halloween clearance to pick out some more cute decor for years to come. In truth, I suppose the holiday doesn't end until the last of the candy is eaten or ends up in the trash.

The playdate party was a success and involved painting pumpkins, a leaf fight, cake, and pizza. What more could a kid ask for?

The school party was fun as well. Laurel is a star student (so says her mother) and by observation appears to be an active learner in her class. It's quite interesting how quickly children fall into pigeonholes. Within a few minutes of coming into her class, a visitor can spot the quiet, reserved child by the books, the obstinate child on the floor, the destructive child throwing something, the social children, and a few others. Laurel insisted on being a pumpkin for her school party. Many of the Halloween books she read with her mother had at least one child dressed as a pumpkin in their class parade. (above: Mother's Fav Halloween photo)

Trick or treating was fun for the kids once underway. Brant was upset to say the least about putting on his costume. Pictures were extremely difficult. Brad reports that once on their way through the neighborhood, both kids did great.


Stacy Hutchinson said...

I'm having post Halloween depression. All that fun, and now it's over. Did you find good deals at Target? I wanted to go today, but it would have been a hassle. If I would've known you were going, I might have been more motivated.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

What a cute pair the two of them made!

Cathi said...

We too went to Target today for the big clearance sale. I thought I got way too much, but when I showed everything to David his reaction was, "That's it? Are you going to another store tomorrow to get more stuff?" Apparently he's really into decorating the house now!

jessica and bart said...

yea! for target holiday sales!! what a great tradition. oh, and laurel is an adorable pumpkin!