Friday, November 16, 2007


With Thanksgiving less than one week away, the Cupit family has much to be grateful for. At the top of the list are two angelic children. Angels, too, get into scuffles some times. Laurel brought home her first (and hopefully last) "Behavior/Office Visit Report Form" today for a Wednesday mishap.

Maren heard the beginning of the story on Wednesday, when Laurel got in the car in the carpool line holding a wadded tissue. She immediately, without provocation, confessed, "I poked Watts in the up was an accident...I went to time out." Maren was sad and disappointed, but after brief discussion decided to forget the incident and resolved to speak to Ms. Tracy on Friday at the class Thanksgiving feast.

Today at the feast, Ms. Tracy explained what happened, but the official report tells it best.

Description of Behavior: She slapped another student in the eye. She said she did it because he wasn't cleaning up and it was clean up time.

Action taken by teacher: Sent to time out and then to the office.

Action taken and plan made by Director: I talked to Laurel about not hitting friends in class. I told her the next time someone didn't behave & mind their teacher-she was not to intervene & try to be the teacher. She needs to keep her hands to herself & let Ms. Tracy handle the problems in class.

For the record, Laurel's mother reports that Laurel has never been slapped at home. Ms. Tracy continued the story telling Maren that Laurel came back from the director's office crying and very upset. Apparently, this was a surprise, as Laurel is not one of the "criers" in class. Ms. Tracy also said that when other children get sent to the Director's Office, some of the kids (including Laurel) want to go, too. They must think it's a special treat. Ms. Tracy confided to Maren today that Laurel probably wouldn't be requesting that anymore!

Laurel seems to have learned her lesson. Of course, the family will have further discussion about keeping your hands to yourself and treating your friends nicely. Apparently, this little event was traumatic enough to keep little Laurel out of the office for a long, long, LONG time!


jessica and bart said...

I'm sorry, but that is FUNNY! It is so hard for little kids to learn the rights and wrongs of society. I am sure she learned a great lesson, and because of this experience so early in life, she will probably not be a problem for the rest of her school career!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I think every kid experiences something like this in those early years. Like you said, it must have seemed like a treat that every one else was in on something she wasn't. Trust me, I went to the principals office for something in First Grade and got paddled by the principal and resolved never to go back again- and didn't. Well at least these days you don't have to worry about her being paddled but I'm sure she realized when she went that it wasn't a special treat or a sneak out pass. She'll do fine, Maren! Look at her little sweet face- that girl isn't going to be a trouble maker!

Heather said...

That is really funny - for me anyways :-) I guess they have to learn those lessons one way or another. Don't you wonder where kids pick up on things??? They are so much fun and keep us on our toes :-)

Margo said...

Oh my! :)