Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Some kids have all the luck. So seems the case with little Laurel Cupit. Laurel was recently appraised by the public school system and determined to qualify for "group" speech therapy once a week for 45 minutes. Based on the child's schedule, the system places them at an appropriate elementary school (preferably close to the child's home.)

Laurel's match is a school about 10 minutes from her home. Her teacher is Ms. Kate. Laurel is Ms. Kate's only student at the moment. Lucky duck! Ms. Kate commented that Laurel's sounds are great already. The hearing aids are undoubtedly helping. Because of the one-on-one attention, Laurel is in essence being privately tutored in not only speech but also the alphabet and related sounds. For example, this first Tuesday she learned the letter G and the "guh" sound. She made a little tissue paper ghost and said, "Go, Ghost, Go!" From parental observation, the learning environment seems almost entirely hands-on and pupil directed. Laurel enjoys the experience. She likes Ms. Kate already!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

That's really great! I'll have to try that with Ayden.

Happy said...

Hi Maren,
I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I found your blog link on Gladys' blog and thought I'd say hi!
Take care,

jessica and bart said...

that sounds like a great deal! for all the negative things that float about in the public schools, some things are really great and never get any of the limelight. i hope her class stays small.

Trevor and Tamar said...

Maren that sounds wonderful!!! It has been amazing watching Emma change in just a month in school so take advantage of anything you can get. I tagged you so check my blog for details.