Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For the past few months, Laurel has been embarrassing her parents by putting on a little dancing show every time she takes off her clothes. For a while, they tried to encourage her to at least put on some panties before shaking her booty. Her parents have tried to ignore it and give her as little reaction as possible, hoping she would grow out of it. At one point, her parents found out that she had even performed naked in front of her great-grandmother while staying at her grandparent's house. She's been caught standing naked in front of the mirror singing and dancing. Her parents wondered nervously what the teen-age years would be like. Mostly, they just kept thinking, "Where is she getting this?"

Aha! Last night, the mystery was solved! Last night was the premier of Dancing With The Stars, a show that Laurel loves to watch so she can partner dance with Mommy and/or Daddy while the stars are dancing. She tries to mimic their moves. During one of the first performances, Laurel's mommy caught her taking off her shirt. Upon interrogation, she pointed to the t.v. and said she was doing like the t.v. Maren figured it out. Usually, the dancers on the show are scantily dressed in their fancy costumes. Some of them look practically naked. Laurel must have interpreted that people take off their clothes to dance fancy! Well, the mystery is solved, but it's quite probable that Laurel will still think that it's time to dance in front of the mirror every night when she gets ready for her bath.


Cathi said...

Lol! That is too funny!

jessica and bart said...

that is too great. brennan just saw that show ( a rerun from a season ago) and now he is a dancing fool. he was dancing all over our area of the restaurant this afternoon, complete with hand moves and shimmies. good thing there was only two other couples in the rest. when we were there!
as long as bren keeps his clothes on, and laurel learns to keep on her panties, they can become an LDS dancing sensation!

Heather said...

That is hilarious!! I hope that you have that on video = she will be totally embarassed by it one day :-) Tyler loves Mickey Mouse now, and does the Mousekedance every time he watches it. It is so funny to hear him sing "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog" I am sure you hear enough of that song as well!

Nicole said...

Lia loves that show. It is Matt's job to watch it with her b/c I can't stand it and it is on three nights in a row this week...ugh! She only gets to watch 30 minutes b/c 8:30pm is bedtime but then we have to DVR it so that she can watch the rest the next day! Gotta love the DVR!