Thursday, September 27, 2007


With Mom feeling a little under the weather, the Cupits decided to spend the day at home today. The morning was off to a not-so-good start. When Maren was in the other room, Brant removed his diaper and tinkled on the living room floor. Thank goodness for hardwood! Well, Maren decided it's time to try potty-training. From what she's read, Brant meets most of the criteria, and he seems interested now. Maren has her own motivation, of course. If the family stops buying diapers, she can enroll at the YMCA! This may be a very short attempt, but maybe success is on the horizon. After all, didn't our parents' generation have everyone potty-trained by 2?


Cathi said...

Good luck with that! You never know, he may train young. I met a woman at a park the other day and her 14 month old boy was pretty much trained, so go for it!

jessica and bart said...

good luck. i would LOVE to have jackson potty trained sooner rather than later (like brennan)
hope you start to feel better.

Nicole said...

I just started introducing Ashtyn to the potty this past week. Now I catch her sitting in there when noone is around. I say you stay at home for a week, take the diaper off and see how it goes. That is how we did it with Lia!