Friday, September 14, 2007


Some boys have all the fun. Brant Cupit is one of them. The picture at left tells some of the story. Brant is very "into" glasses right now (perhaps because of his sister's newest accessory.) If he sees them laying around he wants to wear them. He particularly likes to put them on himself. In this photo, he wanted to wear them while eating his breakfast...a turkey hot dog. Brant picked this out himself. Dr. Atkins would be proud. He likes to use a fork to eat his food and is quite an accomplished jabber. Here, he masters his craft with both hands!

Brant's chauffeur has taken him to quite a few adventures lately. A few have been captured digitally to share. On Thursday, Brant and Laurel's park date was cancelled due to wet weather. Hurricane Humberto must not have checked the family calendar. Instead, the children joined some friends at the remodeled playland at a local mall. Competition is a beautiful concept. The other mall opened up a brand new playland some time this year. The Cupits, most certainly in the same category as other families with young children, found very little occasion to go to the old mall any more. Then, like magic, a completely remodeled playland opens at the old mall. It's packed with fun, climbable animals playing jazz instruments resting on brand new colorful carpet. There are plenty of pieces to climb on and slides for a large group of kids. Take a look at some happy kids!

Finally, Brant spent some quality time alone with his mom this morning while Laurel was at pre-school. They stopped at a shady park for a little fun.


jessica and bart said...

both your kids are so adorable, but brant is just getting too cute!
that new playland looks like a lot of fun, too.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Thanks for calling on Thursday. We didn't get away from the dentist's office until 11:30, so we just went home. We'll have to go soon. It looks really fun.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I can't wait until Peyton can go play in places like that- of course, I'll probably use it as an excuse to go play and he'll probably care less! LOL!