Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Brant Cupit reached the 18 month milestone about 2 weeks ago. Today, he had his scheduled appointment with Dr. Melton to make sure everything is on track. Laurel came with the family today and the visit was a great experience.

The nurse helped to remove Brant's shoes so that he could be weighed and measured. Maren placed him on the infant scale. The digital screen read something unintelligible. Maren lifted Brant and tried again. The same reading appeared. Brant needed to go on the big kids scale. He was a very good boy and held still just long enough for the nurse to determine that he weighs 34 lbs. Next, he was measured on the table. He is 34 inches long. Maren talked to Dr. Melton about Brant's weight, but he assured her several times that his weight was okay. He's a big, tall boy! He said that as Brant gets older and more active he'll thin out. Maren says she keeps waiting for this to happen, but he just keeps growing proportionately. All in all, the appointment was uneventful. Brant received two immunizations and got a clean bill of health from the doc. Here are a few more special characteristics about the gentle giant. He surely is more than just a big boy. Brant loves Elmo. He loves to drum. He can turn a lot of things into a set of drums. He loves his sister Laurel and wants to be in the same room with her most of the time. Brant loves books and recently has taken a particular liking to animal books. He loves horses and elephants. When he tries to say elephant, it comes out like "apple juice." His vocabulary is too numerous to list or even count. He has figured out that he gets sympathy and hugs when he gets hurt. Just the other day, Mother caught him lightly tapping his head against the wall, then rubbing his hand on his head and saying, "hurt." He did this repeatedly. He's a smart boy! Brant rarely cries when he wakes up. He just waits patiently in his crib until someone comes in to check on him. Mother has to press her ear against the door occasionally to listen for him moving around to figure out if he's awake. Maybe it's time to use the baby monitor! When someone does come in to get him, he gets super excited, jumping joyfully with a great big smile or even a silly pant. One time he bounced so high that he came down and hit his chin on the railing of the crib. Ouch! It was only a few minutes before he was happy again. He loves to dance, and he does this cute little chicken-wing flap with his arms when he's in the groove. He loves his Daddy, and as mentioned in an earlier post, gets very excited when he comes home. He doesn't like to go far without his cup, and he seems to get overheated quickly. He has precious curls that his mother adores. It may be some time before his first haircut, because curls are not common on either side of his family. They will be enjoyed for awhile before they get chopped off. Per his mother's opinion, the best thing about Brant is his incredible hugging ability. He's a fantastic snuggler, and gives hugs that can melt anyone. Discipline may be difficult as he gets older because he's so darn lovable!


Nicole said...

He looks great to me. Doesn't look overweight at all. Both of my girls are in the 95%-ile. Lia weighs 48lbs at 4 1/2 and Ashtyn 28lbs at 15 months. I think you have nothing to worry about. He is just a solid boy! Love the updates.

Miss you....Nicole

Kathy said...

He is so cute!!!

jessica and bart said...

Glad everything is good with Brant. I love a baby who is sweet when he wakes up. Jackson is about 50/50. Smiles from a freshly rested baby ROCK!