Saturday, August 4, 2007


For one fun night, just a few crazy hours, some local families traveled back in time to the decade of florescent everything. The Cupits totally enjoyed the party at their old church. The whole family attempted to dress in appropriate costume.

Hair styles seemed to be the best way to authenticate the appearance of life in the 80s. Brad sported the sweatband and flattened one half of his hair. Brad nostalgically remembers the days when he truly did wear this 'do to school...sans the headband of course. Maren tried for the slicked back sides and poof on top, but the humidity of the summer night did not work in her favor. Laurel tried for a side pony tail and the once popular "wave" bangs. The side pony tail lasted about 5 minutes in the car, so the party-goers never had the privilege of seeing it. Brant may quite possibly have won the Cupit family award for best hair. Brad fixed him up with his very first mohawk.

Guests at the party commented that the costumes and music were rad! They were treated to fantastic karaoke performances, including a fantastic rendition of Madonna's Material Girl. Maren still can't get the song out of her head. She can be heard singing it in the shower while trying to get the gunk out of her hair.

Perhaps the best part of the whole event was the finale cake walk. Laurel and Brad participated together and won the most delicious homemade carrot cake. That's one part of the 80s that Brad would love to revive!


jessica and bart said...

it was horrible seeing you guys again! NOT!
he, he, he...your family was very cute at the party. it was totally radical dude!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I'm still smiling when I think of all of the fun we had that night. I'm so glad y'all came! It reminded me of how much I wish you were still in our Ward. I wish I could have seen Laurel's side pony tail!

Jeni said...

Hey! You picked my cake!! I hope you enjoyed it. It was good to see you all...loved Laurel's socks. I used to do that EVERY morning when I went to school.