Monday, August 13, 2007


Some may argue that fathers don't matter; that in the eyes of most children, fathers fall far behind mothers in children's preference. Perhaps many fathers don't appreciate the influence they have on their kids. To the contrary, at least in the Cupit household, Daddy, and time with Daddy, is extra special. Laurel and Brant run to the door when Daddy comes home in the evening. Brant gets so excited, he even does a little dance and giggle.

To illustrate the point, a few pictures are included here. First, Laurel loves to go work with Daddy in the yard with her "favorite" toy. This toy is a kid's edger that was purchased at a garage sale. It doesn't make any noise any more, despite the efforts of Uncle Craig to fix it, but it's still one of Laurel's favorites because she gets to be just like Daddy.

Second, some girls like to play dress-up. Laurel is no exception. One evening, Laurel put on Daddy's tie and shoes and declared, "I go temple, Mommy!" Pretty cute, huh?


Heather said...

That is so cute! Isn't it amazing the things that kids pick up on? Tyler knows that when I get out my purse (not the diaper bag) that means he is going to a baby sitter or I am going somewhere without him. Tyler has a toy lawn mower that he follows Jimmy around with when he is mowing the lawn. Wouldn't life be boring without kids???

jessica and bart said...

Brennan helps mow the grass, too. He's on one side of the driveway, me on the other. Very cute.