Thursday, July 5, 2007


Contrary to many news publications on today's newsstands, the Chronicle claims no political agenda. We have no desire to twist the truth or manipulate the masses. Yet, we do maintain the right to whine about absurd prices for toddler shoes!

Brant Cupit is a young boy with whom you may be familiar from earlier features. Brant's feet are the subject of today's post. As we at the Chronicle have learned, many, if not most, young toddler boys have wide feet. Brant's feet go beyond normal and measure extra wide. This comes as little surprise if you have had the great honor and pleasure of personally meeting the gentle giant.

Back on point, Maren Cupit looked at numerous discount stores and department store sales to find shoes suited (or rather fitted) for her son. Alas, she resorted once again to the local specialty shop. The shop excels in customer service and size selection, but for a price. The quality is fantastic and the store even provides toys for children's use while parents are shopping.

Maren longs for the day when she can find comfortable shoes for her son at box store prices. She says $50 is steep even for shoes for her own feet. She says the situation does have a positive side, "At least I don't have to order them online and pray that the size fits!"

Brant's sister Laurel accompanied Maren and Brant to the shop and insisted that her feet be measured as well. Mother figured, "We are paying for the customer service...let's take advantage of it." Who had the last laugh? The Cupits walked out of the shop with two pair of shoes. To Mother's defense, the second pair were on sale for $15 and Laurel needed them for church for the summer.

Maren told us she was a little concerned when they arrived home and Laurel tried on the shoes again. "After a few minutes, she took them off. I asked her if they hurt her feet. She said, 'no Mommy, I no spill ketchup on them!' " Phew!


Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...

$50 dollars?! Gee whiz you weren't kidding! Hopefully Brant will be in 'regular' shoes soon- with as fast as kids grow!

jessica and bart said...

we had the same problem with brennan. don't worry, brant too shall one day be able to wear whatever pair of sneakers he wants...that doesn't mean they will cost less, though.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Wow, I guess I should feel lucky that I can buy any shoes I want for Ayden, and I spend an average of about $8. We'll see if it goes that way with Ian.

Anonymous said...

I know! They are so expensive, even for just the Robez. What's also crazy is how expensive clothes are the have half the fabric of Adults.

The Tofu Pups by the way, can be purchased at any grocery store. They are usually near the organic stuff though (or if there is a Tofu section). I personally hate Tofu, but Emma eats these up. I can handle one every now and then.