Monday, July 9, 2007


Monday morning began as a bust for the Cupits, but all was not lost. A great trip to the mall proved picture perfect and blog worthy. Laurel perhaps got her name mixed up with "Miss Sassafrass." She and Mother had a few "tender moments." Laurel is still learning who's in charge and what is appropriate behavior for a three year old. Mother is learning even more. Maren wants other mothers to know that all is not perfect in her world, and by her own request, true-to-life photographs are included here. In the future, the Chronicle hopes to document the behavioral improvement and maturity of the Cupit kids.

Brant gets a little cranky too sometimes. He wants to get down and run. It's an acquired skill to watch two kids (ages 3 and 1 1/2) running in the mall while holding the digital camera, and keeping the stroller in the corner of the eye. While doing this, most importantly, you must maintain your composure! Perhaps, corporate America should take a stronger look at the undocumented skill sets of stay-at-home moms! Brant did get a few minutes out of the stroller. He enjoyed a hug with the giant cookie and a fantastic ride on the carousel.

Maren reports that toting around two small children is a balancing act and discipline is often a guessing game. Choosing between ignoring and disciplining at different times is a tough call. Helping Laurel find safe and fun outlets for her endless energy isn't always easy, but some days are smooth as pudding! The Cupits hope this week is chocolate pudding everyday!

Laurel loves having her face painted. She sits perfectly still and does exactly what the clown tells her. She especially loves the lipstick and glitter puffs (seen below).

Laurel waits patiently for her balloon alligator. Getting to the mall before the crowds ensures shorter lines and happier children!

The Cupits finished the morning with a visit to the playland. Brant hit a milestone this Monday, July 9th, 2007. He can officially climb up the slide and slide down on his bottom ALL BY HIMSELF. He mastered the headfirst tummy slide some time ago, but bottom sliding requires a little more coordination. To slide properly, one must climb up the stairs and then bring one's legs around in front of the body. Next, let go of the slide and weeee!

Laurel loves the playland. She usually plays nicely with the other children and only has momentary memory lapses. She just needs a little nudge to remember that she is nice and not nasty. Then she's right back on track!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

I was too stressed last Monday to go again today. I might not go again until the last of this month. We'll make sure to leave the house by 9:30

Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog entries - they are so fun! It would take me hours to come up with clever articles!!

Carol said...

And hello to you! How on earth did you find our blog? It's so fun to read about your family. My email is
What's yours??? Great to hear from you!