Friday, July 27, 2007


Friday morning, Miss Laurel Cupit accompanied both Mother and Father to the audiologist's office once again. This time G.G. came too. G.G. stayed with Brant in the waiting area, while Laurel completed her appointment. Laurel had prepared for this occasion with her parents by reading a book about a boy who gets hearing aids. She also listened when Mother explained that Miss Dawn would put something cold in her ear for a few minutes. She did not, however, have any clue that the cold substance put in her ear would be green playdough! Laurel even got to play with a piece herself. This extra special playdough turns hard after a few minutes. The playdough pops out with the string that was placed in Laurel's ear before the green gunk.

Father and Mother learned a lot about hearing aids. They also decided that Laurel will get the most discrete looking flesh colored aids for now. Mother and Father will give Laurel the option to choose fancy colors in a few years.

Laurel has a been highly cooperative about this whole process. Her parents are very proud of her.

In an update to an earlier story, Laurel's bedtime problems are pretty much over. She doesn't come out of her room once the door is closed. The Cupit house hears no crying or objection from Laurel's room, but sure enough, baby brother has started a few bedtime antics. Maren and Brad are learning as they go, and they believe breaking Brant's bad habits will be much easier.


jessica and bart said...

i'm so glad that laurel is being so well behaved for you guys. that is a blessing in and of itself, in my book. brennan used to be such a monster for any doctor that i don't think i could have handled a specialist needing him to really cooperate and work with them. good luck in the next bit of time as laurel gets the aids and adjusts to life with them. we love you guys!

Nicole said...

So how did you get her to go to bed without any problems. You left that out and I am always looking for new ideas to keeping the kids in line. Hope Laurel is adjusting to the hearing aids and her speach will improve. Miss you lots!